Dr Alex Opens Up About Body Shaming Trolls

He's having NONE of it.


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Ever since he left the Love Island villa, Dr Alex has gone from strength to strength. He’s bagged a slot on TV, is a clear advocate for mental health, and has continued his work as an A&E doctor. One of many heroes from the past two years!

But it seems even doing good and spreading the word about mental health isn’t enough for online trolls, as Dr Alex recently took to Instagram to shut down body shaming trolls, by explaining that they ‘won’t win’, and honestly, good for him.

Sharing a pic from his holidays, Dr Alex wrote:

“Define a BEACH BODY? Beach ✅ Body ✅ Be proud of the skin you live in”

Yes to THIS. Although he received so many comments, Dr Alex also shared that he received some nasty messages after sharing his pic. “For those dming me and trying to ‘fat shame’ me,” he wrote, “You won’t win. Sorry.”


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Just last week, Dr Alex started a new mental health medication campaign, #postyourpill, wanting to take a stand against the stigma around medication.

His message is an important one, as this is something many keep secret which only creates an element of shame around it, and as it’s something so many people rely on daily he wants to break down this stigma surrounding it; “So many people live with medication stigma every day, a fear that they will be judged as being weak or discriminated against, simply for taking a pill to help with their mental health.”

Continuing he said; “I take medication, alongside therapy and self-care, to help with my anxiety. I really needed this treatment but for years I didn’t access it, on reflection I was worried about what people would think.”