Emma Chamberlain Jumped On The ‘Wolf’ Hair Trend And Now I Want It Too

Bringing this pic to the salon...


We all know Emma Chamberlain as a bit of a trend setter, so if she changes up her hair, it’s gonna influence a lot of people.

Her latest look is no different as the YouTuber went for a totally new look, and we’re already obsessed.

Though Emma hasn’t shown off her hair on her own socials just yet, hairstylist Laura Polko gave us a good look at the new bangs and choppy waves.


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Emma is the latest celeb to go for the wolf haircut.

This generally means a light feathery fringe with layers and we’re obsessed with it right now.

Billie Eilish had a similar look going on when she debuted her blonde hair back in March.


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Though Emma’s is a slightly sleeker version of this choppy trend, we’re pretty sure everyone will be bringing this pic into the hairdressers for their next appointment!


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