Euphoria’s Fez Has An Irish Connection And Fans Are Going Wild

This all makes sense now.


If you’ve been watching Euphoria you’ll no doubt be obsessed with Fez, who is played by Angus Cloud.

The bad boy of the series has a link to Ireland, and Irish fans are of course going wild.

Angus, whose full name is Conor Angus Cloud Hickey, was born in Oakland, California, but his family is originally from Ireland.

Many of his family members still live here, and he was even planning to move back to Ireland before he landed his breakout role in Euphoria.

Irish fans of Euphoria couldn’t be happier that they can now claim Angus as one of our own and took to Twitter to share their delight.

One fan wrote, “Angus Clouds family being from Ireland and his real name being Conor is so funny, big Irish head on him”

While another said, “angus cloud being irish is such a win…he needs to come back to his homeland and wife me up immediately”

And others couldn’t get over how Irish his name is, “I knew Angus Cloud’s family was Irish but I didn’t know his real name is Conor Hickey, that’s gas”

“the guy who plays Fez’ real name is Conor Hickey! most Irish name ever lmaooooo no wonder he goes by ‘Angus Cloud’….the ginger beard cannot be hidden tho”

While others were just delighted by the news, writing, “angus cloud being irish makes so much sense,,,,THIS IS A WIN”

Before landing his role on Euphoria and getting to work with Zendaya, Alexa Demie, and Sydney Sweeney, Angus was actually working in a chicken and waffles restaurant in New York. But he was randomly scouted one day while walking down the street and asked to audition for the show.

The chance encounter led to him landing the role of Fez, a drug deal with a sweet side, and the rest is history.

Words: Slaine McKenna