Ever Wondered What Mascara Madison Beer Uses? Wonder No More

Plus, it doesn't break the bank either.

If you’re anything like me, you only love to have a nosey through other people’s makeup bags. From friends to family members, there’s something about having a peak in their makeup bags to see what their go-to products are. So could you imagine what it would be like to root through the makeup bag of a celeb? Granted, they probably have more to choose from than a makeup bags worth, but still.

This could be a great trend for TikTok, we’d watch makeup bag reveal videos all day long tbh. While we can’t share with you every TikTok user’s makeup bag contents, we can let you in on the exact mascara that Madison Beer loves to use – the second-best thing.

According to Madison, her all-time favourite mascara is Glossier’s Lash Slick. Why? Well, Madison shared that it makes her lashes look exactly like eyelash extensions and fills the lashes out amazingly – you love to hear it.


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Glossier state that this is their best-selling mascara because it visibly lengthens and lifts lashes (without smudges or flakes) for a baby extensions effect. Basically, exactly what Madison says.

Lash Slick is water-resistant (meaning it’s not too hard to remove) and also has teeny-tiny fibres that work to coat each individual lash from root to tip, giving it that extended, fluffy, gorgeous look.

Madison isn’t the only one who’s a fan, because the reviews on Glossier’s Lash Slick are pretty insane. “Perfect for when all you want to do is cry”, said one reviewer, while another said “The life changing mascara I’ve been searching for!” and another wrote, “It’s a holy grail.”

Okay, off I run to add this to my basket!

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