Fans Are Annoyed At Kylie Jenner For Instagramming While Driving

So dangerous, so irresponsible!

Here’s the situation… You’re planning on doing your driver theory test, stat. You’re living to get yourself on the road and to gain some much-anticipated independence.

You’ve done your 12 Essential Driver Training lessons and you are one step closer to sitting your sweet self in the driver seat. You’re insured on your parents’ policy to drive their car, and you are delighted with life.

Things couldn’t be any better. What have you got to lose? Well, if you’re silly enough to be on your phone while driving… your license!

Kylie Jenner was slated online during the week by her fans and foes for snapping and driving in her *MOVING* car.

The 22-year-old reality TV star was recording herself lip-syncing to songs by Kid Cudi and her brother-in-law, Kanye West. HOW irresponsible?


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#Song Kid Cudi – My World (feat. Billy Craven)

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Fans were disgraced by the makeup mogul showing off as she drove to her mother’s 64th birthday party a few days ago, in a new Bugatti.

This wasn’t the first time her fans took to social media to bash the star for snapping and driving, she even went to the effort to use a filter! People have been on her case (and rightly so) since 2015.

Let this be a warning to young drivers, it is not one single bit cute to use your phone when operating a whole vehicle. It can cost you or someone else their life! ALWAYS keep your eyes on the road and keep your phone tucked away in your bag while you’re behind the wheel.

Thankfully she arrived alive, but not without putting herself and other road users in serious danger! Tut, tut.