Fans Are Sharing BTS Snaps Of Harry Style’s New Film

People are THIRSTY

Ever since it was announced that Harry Styles would be playing lead role in LGBTQ+ romance film ‘My Policeman’, we’ve been obsessed. And so has everyone else, apparently.

Filming has got underway in Brighton this month, and stans are making it their business to scout out the area, following Harry and co wherever they go.

While admiring the view (aka Harry Styles dressed up as a policeman) luckily for us, they have also been getting some BTS shots for those of us not so lucky as to live in Brighton right now.

Sharing their findings on Twitter and TikTok, fans on the scene have assured us that we’re all in for a real treat when the movie hits the big screens. But for now, we’ll just droll over the BTS shots thanku, here’s some of our faves.

Set in the 1950s, the plot of the film follows the story of a young couple who get caught in a love triangle with an older man, an arrangement that would have been considered highly taboo at that time.

A release date is yet to be confirmed.

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