Fans Say Jeffree Star’s New Mini Palette Is ‘Unusable’

Customers said it was 'crumbly' and 'contained pellets'


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Fans are not too happy with Jeffree Star’s latest product.

The MUA recently launched a mini version of his newest palette but people are finding some issues with it.

Some people who bought it are saying that the product is ‘crumbly’ and even contained little ‘pellets’. Others claimed that the palette arrives with loose shades.

Twitter user Max Posed YT compiled screenshots of people’s negative comments. Other people said the pay-off (pigment and colour) wasn’t very good and that they don’t blend well at all. Yikes!

One buyer even went as far as to say some colours are ‘unusable’!

Jeffree has now released a statement regarding the complaints.

“Hey everyone, it’s come to our attention that a few dozen people out of 1.1 million palettes produced, have a few ribbon fibers embedded in their products,” he said. “The lab has done a full investigation & we found the issue. I pride myself on quality and fully apologize for this error.”

He then attached a copy of the lab report.

He added: “Anyone that has ANY product issues with any JSC product, my customer service team is available Monday to Friday. Palettes that were affected, we have sent out new ones and also given a full refund because that does not reflect how my brand should be represented.”

It’s not the first time Jeffree’s gotten a negative response to a product launch, earlier this year his Cremated palette was criticized for its insensitive name and ‘dull’ tones.

Would this impact your decision to get this product?

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