Feeling Nosy? Here’s What Team KISS Is Up To This Week

From Milka Daim bars to thrift shopping!

Welcome to the Team KISS list. We know that after weeks and weeks of lockdown, we’re finally getting back to some form of normality. But while it’s going to be a different kind of normal, we’re all still a bit apprehensive, kind of bored and a bit frustrated still, understandably.

So, team KISS is sharing some of our favourite things we’ve done/watched/used in the last week to give you some inspo’ and help you to get to know us better.

Megan Roantree, Editor

Eating: Milka Daim bars

Honestly, there has never been a more iconic duo. Milka and Daim are two of my favourite chocolates so for them to come together in one dreamy treat is just 👌

Watching: This Is Us

I started watching This Is Us when it first came out, but only got around to watching the first two seasons. I’ve decided to jump back in and start season 3, I’ve watched 3 episodes so far and it’s just such an amazing show. It’s a total tear-jerker of course, between grief, heartbreak and family issues, but the incredible acting and the powerful script makes it one of my favourite things on TV.

Listening to: CMAT

I am obsessed with Irish singer CMAT right now. I can’t stop listening to/singing Another Day (KFC) and Rodney.

Amie Edmonds, Staff Writer 

Watching: Love Island

I’ve been rewatching the 2018 and 2019 seasons of Love Island over the past few months. Right now, as I’m typing this, I have the finale of Love Island 2019 on and I almost forgot how good it was. I don’t know how I’m going to fill in this reality tv gap, so I’m going to have to look for something that has SO many episodes and won’t take up too much of my attention for my next ‘background tv’ show.

Reading: City of Girls

I picked up this book to read only the other day, and I’m having a hard time putting it down. It tells the story of Vivian who looks back on her life as a 19-year-old when she was expelled from a boarding school in 1940 and sent to live with her aunt, who owns and lives in a theatre in New York. It focuses on everything from relationships, fashion and costume making, and love for theatre, just to name a few.

Trying Out: Luna by Lisa Weekly Detox Shampoo

I have fairly short, thick hair and because I can’t throw it up in a bun and go, I have to style it almost every day. Along with this, comes a whole lot of hair product. From heat protection to texturising spray and everything in between. So this week I’m trying out the Luna by Lisa Weekly Detox Shampoo, which is meant to be a really thorough deep cleanse for your hair, to get rid of any built-up product and impurities, all while leaving your hair hydrated and silky. Literally sounds ideal.

Adele Miner, Staff Writer 

Listening To: Fine Line By Harry Styles!

I’m a huge Harry Styles stan, so I’ve been listening to his latest album ‘Fine Line’ since it came out back in December, but recently, in the Summer months, I’ve found the songs just hitting differently. It’s such a feel-good summer album, and I’m a bit gutted I can’t enjoy listening to it while I adventure outside of Ireland, but hey ho – it still makes the perfect background music for road tripping around Ireland on staycations.

Enjoying: Thrift Shopping 

The charity shops in my area have opened up again since March and I’m so happy about it. I haven’t bought anything in them yet, but just being able to pop in when I’m out and about is great. I usually pick up some great books for super cheap in them, and I’ve found a lot of wardrobe gems in them too over the years! I think my best find was a pair of Dr Martens, in my size for just €20! If you have a charity shop locally I would definitely recommend having a look in them whenever you get the chance to, you might not always find something but when you do it’s so satisfying!

Watching: Trashy Reality TV

Myself and my boyfriend have just started watching the new series of Married At First Sight Australia, and omg, hook it to our veins. If you’ve never heard of it before, basically it’s a social experiment where strangers are matched with one another by experts and meet for the first time at the altar and get married. Of course, with all reality TV shows, it doesn’t take long for the drama to kick off as the contestants get to know one another over the course of a couple of months. I’m definitely missing Love Island this Summer so MAFS is bridging the gap nicely.