Festival Trends To Look Out For This Summer

From co-ords to vamping up your docs!

With the festival season approaching (finally), we need to start looking for outfits we’ll look back on and think, wow they were iconic. Well, look no further because with this festival fashion guide we will be talking through all the trends we are hoping to see flooding the festivals this year!

Since lockdown, we have been deprived of the funky fits we know and love from festivals and with everyone going through their own style evolution, we can feel that this year is going to be packed with some of the best festi looks.

Euphoria Everything!

Something big you have to look out for this festival season is Euphoria-style fits, hair, makeup, accessories. With the whole world going crazy for the show and its aesthetic we can only imagine how it will be incorporated into looks this summer. From glitter (a festival must-have) to holographic fabric, festivals will be filled with different variations of Jules’, Maddies, Kats and Cassies.


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Like this iconic Maddie look, you can use glitter in all aspects of your outfit! Whether you want it in your hair, incorporated into your makeup or on your clothes, make sure you can be seen shimmering from all angles!

Crazy Co-Ords

Another big trend that has always been a festival fave and a great way to stay comfy and cute is a trusty co-ord. It’s a fit you can always count on, most of the styling is already done for you so just accessorise and you’re done!

You can switch it up to suit your style by getting a co-ord with a pattern, a block colour, or to bring it back to the Euphoria vibes, a glittery or holographic one! There are so many options and they’re not much effort so if you’re on your third day of the festival and just want to throw something on, the co-ord has you covered!

This co-ord is for the risky festival gals and we are loving it! The matching pattern makes you look good and put together. What more could you want?! Adding a bit more to the matching set, the trousers and shawl make it stand out while also keeping you that bit warmer for the cold festival days.

Comfy AND Cute Shoes 

We all know we’re told to wear comfortable shoes to festivals. It makes sense, you’re walking and dancing all day and it can get really dirty depending on the weather, but you want a cute pair of shoes to go with your outfit. Any kind of chunky shoe is your best friend in this scenario (broken in chunky shoes of course)!

There are two that will always elevate an outfit, keep your legs from getting dirty and hug your feet all weekend. Buffalo trainers and Doc Martens are the two best staple shoes for a festival. They are funky, usually have a platform and once worn in, are so comfortable.

If you wanted to go for an outfit that focused more on the shoe these Buffaloes are the perfect festival trainer!

But if that isn’t the style you’re going for and you are into a more classic kind of shoe, you can still make your docs super funky. To spice them up a bit or to make them match your glittery fit, change them to however you want! You can use different coloured laces to match the colour of your fit, use sparkly or patterned ribbon instead of laces to add something extra, or if you want to go all out, paint them with a cool design or pattern so everyone won’t be able to take their eyes off your killer boots!

These docs are so 2014 and we love it!

Our Fave Irish Inspo

For the guys and gals that want to go all out this year, here is some inspo for some of the looks you could go for! Irish gal and fashion business owner Grainne Binns knows how to put together a killer festival fit and we can’t get enough.

So whether you want to go comfy or crazy this festival season, these trends and essentials can work for anyone no matter their style! With these as your base, you can rock out any festival you’re going to and look great doing it.

Sadhbh O’Hara