Five Of The Best Glam Beauty YouTubers To Subscribe To

Love a lash? Fan of blinding highlight?

In our new YouTube series, we’ll be taking a look at the best accounts to follow across the website. The video industry can be a bit overwhelming and it’s hard to find the right content for you in the sea of it all. But as always, we’re here to help.

Whether you want to brush up on your makeup skills or just enjoy watching the artist at work, there are lots of makeup YouTubers out there to choose from. We like to pop on makeup tutorials while getting ready for a night out, cleaning our rooms, or just chilling (any chance we have in the hopes some of their skills will rub off on us).

Not everyone is into full glam makeup, and there’ll be a list for you in the future – don’t worry! But for those who adore a false lash and a contour, these are the channels for you.


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Jamie Genevieve

This Scottish makeup queen is never afraid to go full glam. Her signature look includes winged linger, flawless glowy skin and a nude lip. Jamie’s videos vary from makeup, to skincare to vlogs and plenty of footage of her pups Drogba and Juno. Definitely a gal we recommend for some glowy goddess inspo, she’s even had special guests such as Drew Barrymore.


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Keilidh MUA

Our girl Keilidh is killing it on the makeup scene right now. Having just released the collaboration with Morphe along with three other beauty guru’s Thuy Le, Victor Ramos and Bianca Linares. Keilidh’s tutorials range from creative masterpieces (such as painting herself as her dog) to full glam showing us how to make crazy colours wearable. We expect big things from this gal in the new year.


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Aideen Kate

You probably know her from Instagram, now check out her YouTube for the making of these looks to pick up some realistic useful tips for yourself. Always as forever entertaining vlogs. Her LA vlogs are one of our fave things to watch and make us want to live among the palm trees and go to Coachella.

James Charles

Hi sisters! We love an energetic tutorial from our boy James, makeup transformations and cut creases sharper than we could ever deam of! The artistic flair of his work, as well as the incorporated challenges, keep his videos entertaining and exciting, not to mention his many celebrity guests.


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However you feel about Jeffree, there’s no doubt his makeup talent is slaying – as is his empire. Who else could pull off shaved eyebrows but Jeffree? His unapologetic reviews are entertaining and often refreshing. Plus they’re always good for a bit of tea… Collaborating with Shane Dawson has certainly inspired different types of videos on his channel and we look forward to what’s in store next year.

Also be sure to check out Nikki Tutorials, Manny Mua, Jackie Aina and Thuy Le.


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Let us know what beauty channels you enjoy watching on YouTube over on Instagram, or come say hello on Twitter.


Words: Jade Carpenter