Florence Pugh Just Swapped Her Blonde Locks For A Brown Pixie Cut

When we say OBSESSED!

We’ve all been tempted to cut all our hair off from time to time and now we’re even more tempted.

Florence Pugh went and got the “big chop” and we are absolutely loving it!

We’re so used to seeing her with her long golden locks that we got such a shock when she took to Instagram to show off her freshly chopped mop.

She captioned it: “I did a thing”.

You’ll also notice her hair is a bit darker, with nearly no trace of her signature her golden hair.


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A few of Florence’s pals took to her post, absolutely raving over her new look.

The Rock said: “Love it, sistah! Next chop you’ll look like me!”.

Hailey Steinfeld commented “Absolutely” and Bella Thorne cheered “Yeaaas”. Even her boyfriend Zach Braff took to his Instagram stories showing off Florence’s new look!

It’s believed this new look is for her new role in the Hawkeye show. Prudence stole our hearts when she began her new role as Yelena Belova in Black Widow. We already know that Florence is a busy bee with all of her other projects. Her beau Zach is directing called A Good Person, which she landed a role in. She’s also filing for the book adaptation of The Wonder and Don’t Worry Darling, starring opposite Harry Styles.


By Sadhbh Pearse