Love A Bargain? Here’s Our Guide To Scoring Discounts

Is there anything better than a little discount?

We all love to shop, whether you’ve got a bit of an addiction to purchasing from ASOS or you love to head into town and pick up bits in your favourite shopping centre, all those purchases can add up. You can save a small fortune by simply seeking out a discount.

Here are five easy ways to cut the cost of your shopping habits…

Be bold

It sounds cheeky but next time you’re browsing the beauty section of a department store, ask for free samples. Our favourite beauty brands produce samples for a reason so take advantage of that and start testing out some new products. It’s the perfect way to make sure you’re spending your money wisely and happy with the product before you buy!

Search for a discount

Love the idea of online shopping? Love it even more by checking up discount codes for some of your favourite sites to save some dollars. Have a quick browse on the websites social media pages like Instagram to pick up some hidden bargains. If you’re signed up to their mailing list you’ll find some in your emails. Or even just google the store and see if there are any codes going around.

Get a student card 

Whether you’re just starting college or you’re still in secondary school, you’re eligible for a student card. You may already have one for travel, but it can come in very handy for shopping too. Many shops and brands will give an extra 10% (or more) off if you simply present your student card. It would be silly not to!

Demand standards

Have you ever got a bar or packet of crisps where something wasn’t just right? Like the soul-destroying moment when you bite into a Kit Kat and find no wafer inside! Or were you so excited to get that sequin skirt online only to find half of them are falling off when it arrives. You don’t have to put up with bad quality products, and you can almost always get your money back by letting the company know the issue. Better to get your money back than have a skirt laying in your closet you can never wear.

Be loyal

Companies love when they see they have loyal and supportive customers, so by liking and following your favourite high street brands, you might just land some freebies or discount codes with just the click of a button. Loyalty cards are also a good way to get some money off or gifts, the Boots award system is a good way to get some money off your favourite beauty products.