Fringes 101 And What To Ask For In The Hairdressers

Craving a hair switch up? We're here to help

Is it just us or as soon as the temperature drops slightly, the craving for a fringe crops its head up?

For good reason, the fringe or bangs are many people’s go-to when they want to switch up their look without fully committing to it.

But, knowing where to start when you’re looking for a fringe can be tricky. From wispy bits to a blunt one, there’s so many styles to choose from. So we’ve put together a handy list of all the different type of bangs, what face shape they suit, and what to ask for at your hairdressers.

Wispy Bangs


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Think a full fringe, but without the bluntness. Less thicker than a straight across fringe, the wispy bangs covers the forehead much the same as a fringe, but is not as heavy.

The great thing about wispy bangs is that they suit most face shapes, so if you’re just dipping your toe into the world of fringes, this is a great place to start. When you go to your hairdresser, ask for a ‘wispy fringe’ taking picture of the likes of Zooey Deschanel, and Elizabeth Olsen.

Full Bangs


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Also known as ‘blunt bangs’, the full fringe is not for the faint hearted. Full bangs will go straight across the face, hitting just above the eyebrows.

A full fringe can be a little difficult to pull off, as if you have really thin or really thick hair you could risk looking too wispy or too heavy, depending. But, if you have a square or oblong face shape, with normal hair thickness this may just be the fringe for you. Taylor Swift and Daisy Edgar-Jones should serve as your style Inspo.

Curtain Bangs


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Bangs without the commitment, the curtain bang is perfect for the retro gal who’s looking for a bit of a style shake up. Curtain bangs can take some effort to style, but once you nail it, you’re laughing.

Similar to the wispy fringe, curtain bangs suit pretty much all face shapes and hair types. Simply ask for ‘curtain bangs’ from your hairdresser and use a reference picture of Matilda Djerf or Farrah Fawcett.

Curly Bangs


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Think fringes are only for those with straight hair? Think again. Curly gals can get on board the trend too. A wispy fringe is the way to go for you, but with a *twist*.

Simply ask your hairdresser to work with your curls, using pictures of Zendaya and Beyonce for your reference.

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