From Sketches To Style: Our All Time Favourite YouTubers

Five cool and quirky channels we couldn't narrow to one category, but we guarantee you will enjoy!

There are a huge mix of videos and channels out there that do all sorts of cool and interesting stuff. We could talk about YouTubers all day, literally. All. Day. Long. So we thought we’d pull together just some of our all time fave channels we enjoy watching for the lols, inspiration or cool challenges. A bit miscellaneous but who needs to categorise? All these vids are amazing and we wanna share them with you.

Yes Theory

If you haven’t heard of them, where have you been? These guys encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and say yes to new challenges in order to improve their lives. They strive to showcase the kindness in the world by doing challenge trips where their activities and accommodation depend on the kindness of the people they meet along the way. The Yes theory movement has brought people together all over the world as well as allowing for some inspiring and entertaining videos such as visiting the least visited country in the world.


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Emma Chamberlain

Emma could go under a number of categories but we feel she fits in nicely here, so we can include her vlogs, challenge videos and any random videos she feels like making. Emma has no rules when it comes to her channel which is what makes it unique. Her quirky and unapologetically honest personality has gained her 8.5 million subscribers. The fun and easy watch videos are feel good and entertaining as she isn’t afraid to laugh at herself and creates content of life in LA and exotic trips all the fun things that are nice to watch from rainy Ireland, but with a real and refreshing edge.


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Foil Arms and Hog

Three hilarious Irish lads who film skits and sketches based on all things Irish, from parents to airports and everything relatable. They upload new videos every week, as well as touring in both Ireland and abroad. We guarantee your sides will hurt from laughing and you won’t be able to stop watching.


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David Dobrik

We all know and love his comedy vlogs, but David has a second channel called David Dobrik Too. Where he uploads challenge videos and bloopers, we couldn’t confine him to one category so here he is again. And if you just can’t get enough of him, check out 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About David Dobrik.


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Shane Dawson

Well, if we are speaking of people we can’t define, Shane is definitely one of them. He has evolved along with his videos, most recently stepping into the world of series on YouTube, we all know the Jeffree star series’ that led to their friendship and later their palette. Not to mention Tanacon, Jake Paul etc need we go on…


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Words: Jade Carpenter