FYI: Here’s How To Shop The Wardrobe You Already Have

Looking for something to do this weekend? Look no further...

Is this the year you’re cutting down on your spending? Or making a conscious decision to buy fewer clothes? Well, good for you. It’s a great thing to set your mind too, plus we’re all staying indoors now, so it couldn’t be a better time either.

But if you’re constantly looking at your wardrobe and thinking that you’ve nothing to wear, then how can you possibly shop your own stash? We’re here to let you know exactly how. So, what’s first?

Start with a clean slate

To be able to look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes, you need to have a little clear out so you can get rid of any bits that are really no wearable anymore, or anything you know just isn’t you anymore either. You’ll be left with the items that you know you really like, so it’s the perfect place to start. Check out how to give your wardrobe a thorough clearout right here.

Organise that little bit more

I promise this is going to make everything so much easier. Try to organise your clothes in a way that makes them easier to see, style and wear. Do it in a way that suits you, whether that’s colour coding them, categorising them in shirts, pants, dresses, etc. or keeping all of your winter knits in one spot and your summer skirts in another.

Think about it, when you can into a shop it’s so much easier to actually shop when you can see things properly, and know where everything is, right?!

Look for inspiration

You know those pinstripe pants that have been laying in the back of your wardrobe for two years, because you’re not sure exactly how to style them? It’s time to figure that out, right now. Head to Instagram or Pinterest and look for something that’s super similar (searching for hashtags will come in handy here, or head straight to your fave fashion influencers).

Save, Pin, Screenshot

After you do the above, and each time you see a full outfit that you like that you may be able to take inspiration from, save or screenshot what you find, and take a look through your wardrobe to see what’s similar. It doesn’t have to be the same, feel free to put your own spin on things of course. But at least now you have an idea for an outfit, instead of said pants just sitting there sadly.

Set yourself a challenge

Once you have everything organised, it’s time to actually start switching things up and opting for new outfits. As in, not brand new, but items that you haven’t put together before. Set yourself a challenge to come up with one ‘new’ outfit each week. Play around with things if you want to change up your style slightly, and try new colours with different shades.

Make a list of what’s missing

Okay, so we don’t mean every piece of clothing that you have your eye on. We mean those pieces that you’re gonna wear over and over, for years to come. Think the perfect pair of blue jeans, or a great faux leather jacket. That kind of thing. Make a list of what’s missing, so you can keep an eye out for them throughout the year, either in a charity shop or a sale. This way, you have gorgeous pieces that really upgrade your wardrobe and you’ll be able to wear with so many outfits.

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