Gen Z Yellow Is The Fashion Trend You Need To Know About

Move over millennial pink


Whether you’re a fan of them or not, colours are a huge part of our lives and society as a whole. The colours we chose to surround ourselves with, whether it’s the colour you decide to paint your bedroom or the one you pop on your nails, has a huge effect on our moods.

In recent years, specific colours have been assigned to certain generations. Millennials were given ‘millennial pink’ a modern hue of baby pink, a shade you’ve probably seen all over your Instagram timeline since it was coined. And Gen Z has now been given theirs ‘Gen Z Yellow’.

Where did the term come from?

and who chose this colour for an entire generation of people? Well, that would be Man Repeller’s Haley Nahman, who spotted the bright and cheery colour cropping up everywhere back in 2017, and immediately declared it as an ‘up and coming’ colour.

What does it mean?

There are a lot of meanings attached to this colour, giving explanation to the generation born between 1996-2010. It’s said to be vibrant and optimistic, it’s believed to have both movement and change, something that Gen Z have in abundance, this generation sees the change that needs to happen in the world, and they are more than willing to move to make those changes happen. Unlike millennial pink, it also isn’t gender-specific, this fluidity is important as social continually becomes more progressive and inclusive.

Wearing and seeing the colour is said to conjure up energy, again different from millennial pink which is a colour often associated with relaxing and self-care. It defines the Gen Z’ers as happy, defiant and optimistic, so prepare to see it splashed all over your social media feed soon.

How can I wear it?

If you want to get ahead of the yellow game now, the best way to incorporate it into your life is by wearing it. You could add pops of yellow through your accessories, or go all out with a head to toe monochromatic yellow look, there really are no rules when it comes to Gen Z yellow.

Here are some bits to get you inspired.

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