Getting A New Piercing? Here’s What You Need To Consider First

Piercings are great, but getting it done right is SO important.


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Hey, so you finally convinced your parents or guardian to let you get a piercing huh? Excited? Nervous? Maybe the above? Piercing any part of your body can be terrifying let’s walk through all the things you should know before getting your piercing.



Each piercing has a different pain level and healing time, and you also need to consider the cost. It’s about how much pain you think you can take and what your budget is.  If you don’t feel like you have enough saved for the piercing you really love, why rush it? If you have saved up enough, go for it! Once you have decided your piercing you have to decide the jewellery. Again, this is down to cost and preference. Do you want a hoop? This takes a bit longer to heal and is easier to get caught in things. So if you’re not used to piercings, a stud might be best until the piercing is healed.  


2. Pick a good salon

The shop or salon you get your piercing done is SO important. Getting it done somewhere that is clean, safe and official will make a huge difference to the healing, recovery time, pain and risk of infection. Make sure the place your going is well-established and has good reviews or somewhere a friend recommended as a hygienic official space.



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3. Ask questions 

Ask your piercer questions before getting anything done. Piercers are always happy to tell you and your parent everything you need to know about the piercing you are getting. Suggestions about which piercing is easiest to clean, heal, and wear is something they do on the daily so they can give you the best options. Piercers are also there to make you feel safe and secure. 

4. Healing 

Healing is the worst part about getting the piercing. The pain of the actual piercing is momentary, but the healing process will take months, not just weeks. The pressure in your ear may be uncomfortable and you have to adjust to sleeping on your side that did not get pierced. You need to avoid sleeping on your piercing for as much as possible because sleeping on them will cause irritation and infection. Most piercing shops offer piercing cleaning solutions for cleaning and healing and it’s important to be strict about this cleaning every day. If you don’t feel like you can look after a piercing and stick out the solution treatememnt every day, it may not be wise to get one.  


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5. Recovering from infection 

No matter what you do, infections can occur sometimes. What’s important is that you know how to treat it before it ruins your piercing and causes damage. There are different treatments and solutions to care for this, and your piercer should recommend one to you. Salt baths are one option, and are basically a solution of hot/ boiling water and about a pinch of sea salt. It has to be sea salt rather than table salt of the solution won’t work. You have to soak a cotton pad in the solution and apply it to the affected area for as long as you can for at least eight days. This should clear up any pus and irritation. After the salt bath, you can then apply the cleaning solution your piercer gave you and your irritation will disappear.  


Good luck! 



By Anastasiya Sytnyk