Girls From Limerick Spend The Most On Makeup According To New Study

Can you guess who came in second?

We’re all guilty of splashing out on beauty products that we just can’t live without.

Whether it’s the latest products from Keilidh Mua’s new collection Kash Beauty, or stunning skincare from Skingredients that we just need rn.

While there is nothing wrong with spending your pocket money or savings on things you love, you might be surprised to learn just how much Irish gals spend on their makeup.

In a recent survey by PrettyLittleThing girls from all over Ireland were surveyed on their beauty habits, including their spending. The survey found that girls from Limerick spend the most on their beauty every month.

On average, Limerick ladies spend over €35 on beauty products every month.

However, Dublin came in close second with an average of €33.75 every month.

Waterford gals are also fans of splashing their cash on beauty, spending nearly €28.

Galway and Cork rounded out the top five biggest beauty spenders, each forking out about €25 each month.


The survey also asked about people’s Starsigns to find some interesting patterns.

Our Aquarius friends are the least likely to share makeup with you, with 85.3% of respondents opting for a no share policy. Come on guys, sharing is caring!

Sagittarius is the least bothered about expiry dates with 68.3% saying they don’t throw products away after their expiration date. Sagittarius is also the star sign that borrows other peoples make up the most with 36.6% saying they have used someone else’s makeup. (As a Sag, I can confirm, I have borrowed A LOT of beauty from my BFFs)

Out of all the signs, Cancers are the ones keeping the most tabs on their expiry dates, but still 38.5% of them didn’t know when their products go out of date.

Are we surprised ladies?

Check out PrettyLittleThings results to see loads of other interesting findings!

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