Greg O’Shea Just Revealed This Wild Fact About The Love Island Villa

This is just a little shocking.


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While we haven’t got to enjoy a new season of Love Island for over a year, that doesn’t mean it’s not the talk of the town.

From Laura Whitmore revealing her favourite Islander to our very own Louise Cooney being offered a spot on the show. Now, 2019 winner Greg O’Shea has revealed an interesting fact about the show.

During a Q&A on Instagram, Greg was asked to share a fact about living in the Love Island villa that fans don’t know about, and his answer may surprise you.

“There’s cameras in the toilet. You are being watched while… you know…,” he wrote, alongside an accompanying poo emoji.

Well, there you have it. There’s really no privacy in the famous villa.


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In good news, we really will be treated to a new season this year. Just recently, Laura Whitmore chatted about the show returning, sharing “I think it’s been nice for it to have a break. But I think we all need some love in our life this summer.”

“There’s only so much news you can watch and crime dramas – which I’ve been doing a lot of.”

While an exact date is yet to be announced, if we go off other year’s schedule it should be on air around the start of June and run for eight weeks into the beginning of August.

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