Greg O’Shea Reveals Why He And Ex Girlfriend Never Went Public With Their Relationship

"I was never 100% sure,”


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Just recently, Greg O’Shea revealed that he is now single, after splitting from his girlfriend, who is thought to be the influencer, Kate Hutchins.

Sharing that they broke up, Greg explained to RSVP Live in a recent interview: “I am not loved up anymore, I am single as of the last couple of weeks. It is the way that things have panned out for me.

“I was with a lovely girl for the last two years and we had some great times together. But, unfortunately, we weren’t on the same page and we didn’t want the same things out of life.”

Now, Greg has opened up about why the pair never went public with their relationship.

“The reason why I didn’t go public with my last girlfriend was because I was never 100% sure,” he told the Daily Mirror.


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“With things like that, you kind of want to be 100% sure privately in the relationship, behind closed doors and when you’re both alone before you let millions of people in.”

He continued, “I think you have to be so sure about this person. And so does your family and you friends. You should be ridiculously madly in love with one another and spend so much time together and then you can solidify the relationship and feel secure enough to let millions of people on social media it on it.

“It never got to that stage to be honest. I was mad about her, she was one of the loveliest people I have ever met in my life but we are both in just completely different parts of our lives right now.”


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Before adding: “Whereas she just wants to focus on work, I’m much more of a lad who wants to have fun and travel and live a life that’s more than just work.”

“So, unfortunately, we kind of just had to walk away from one another.

“I am heartbroken over it but I would have been miserable as well trying to force something that wasn’t right.”

Greg and Kate were first linked back in April of 2020, when eagle-eyed followers noticed they had posted photos from the same place in Dubai. Since then, they were often spotted sharing photos from the same place at the same time throughout the year.