Hailey Bieber Is In Her Rhode Era: Glazed Donut Nail, Dewy Skin, And Y2K Waves

We're talking glazed donut EVERYTHING!

There is nothing better than when one of favs enters a new era, think Taylor Swift ushering in sad girl in a forest vibes with her folklore era, or Ariana Grande embracing sixties glam for her Positions era.

And now it’s Hailey Bieber turn.

Hails has always been a fashion icon, so naturally when she switches up her style we notice, and her latest era has us all OBSESSED.

Coined by TikToker @taylortiminskas, the Rhodes era has started off with a bang as Hailey has been killing it with her modeling career, working with brands like Miu Miu and Saint Laurent, and launching her own skincare brand, Rhode, with has already broke the internet.

That’s not to say Hailey hasn’t faced challenges during this time. She has been open with fans about her health struggle after suffering a mini stroke in April. But still she managed to perceiver which makes her achievements all the more impressive.

But Hailey’s style during all of this that has us in a chokehold. Her Rhodes era is all about fun but with a touch of sophistication, that would normally be hard to balance but Hails does so perfectly. So what exactly are the staples of this era we can embrace to be Rhodes girls ourselves?

Well, we’ve got you covered!

1.Dress to impress

Hailey was a queen of casual fashion, being a big lover of athleisure, and while you can still find her looking stunning in a tracksuit, she’s embracing a different look.

Partially thanks to her new stylist, Dani Michelle, Hailey has been opting for vibrant structured pieces, rocking brands like Versace, AGGI, and 16Arlington.

Hailey has always been a fan of sleeker looks, so her latest era is the perfect evolutions of that as she sticks to classic and simple pieces that are elevated by bolder colours, more structure like the boning in her Versace dress above, and playful materials.

Honestly it’s the perfect style that offers youthfulness while still have an elevated maturity.

If your looking for some brand to fit in with Hail’s new aesthetic, try Pepper Mayo, Meshki, or Reserved.

2. Glazed Donut Skin


What’s a deep dive on Hailey Bieber’s Rhode era with out mention the infamous glazed donut skin.

While Hailey wasn’t the first to coin the term or the look, she’s definitely contributed to it’s rise in popularity. The look is exactly what you would expect, dewy hydrated skin resembling the glazing on a donut.

The secret behind Hailey’s is the Peptide Glazing Fluid from her new skincare brand Rhode, but unfortunately it hasn’t landed internationally yet, so we’ll be waiting a while for Hailey to launch the serum in Ireland.

But no need to cry, we can still achieve the look.

The key is hydration so a good hyaluronic acid serum will help give you that glazed donut skin. The Ordinary has a great one that works perfectly.

Stick to your normal skincare routine but after washing, tone your face (First Aid Beauty has a brilliant toner that works great with hyaluronic acid), the massage two drops of the hydrating serum into your face, then the trick is to add more toner on top of the serum to add extra hydration, then finish with a rich moisturiser, and voilà glazed donut perfection.

Just make sure to patch test first, and consider your skin type.

3. Glazed Donut Nails


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Okay, the real secret of the Rhode era? Just try your best to look like a glazed donut.

Having her skin look like a baked good, wasn’t enough, so of course Hailey used it for her nails as well. The look is a vibrant beige sheen which genuinely looks good enough to eat, so nail bitters might want to avoid this one.

Thanks to her nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, we actually know how to get the exact look.

Zola put us out of our misery, and shared her method on IG. First go in with the OPI Stay Strong gel base coat. Once that’s dry add a layer of OPI’s gel color in Funny Bunny, then a coat of the OPI Stay Shiny top coat.

Next brush on some OPI chrome effects in the shade Tin Man Can (this is typically available in salons only so it might be hard to find).

Then add another top coat and there you have it, glazed donut nails.

4. Y2K Waves


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If there was one thing Hailey was known for it was her slick backed bun. It was her signature hairstyle, but the Rhode era has seen some newer hairdos win her heart.

Particularly some Y2K inspired waves.

She’s rocked those small nearly crimped style waves, a lot lately, even featuring in her Coachella look, and we’ve been loving it.

Plus they’re very simple to master. If you have a hair crimper then your set, just using the small pattern as instructed.

But if you don’t? Well no need to panic cause they’re just as easy to achieve without heat.

When your hair is wet add some leave in conditioner (the Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Aloe Vera 3-in-1 is a great choice) and even a bit of gel if you need extra hold ( try the Noughty Hey Curl Scrunching Jelly)

Then simply put two plaits in your hair and let it dry. Just be gentle when your taking them out and boom perfect Y2K waves.