Halloween Costumes Inspired By Your Fave Netflix Shows

Stuck for a costume idea? Check your watch list!


Halloween is fast approaching and there’s always a scramble for costumes.

Debating again over whether to be a Cat or Witch? Why not take inspo from your favourite TV show? A lot of them don’t even require buying anything new as you can probably just use what you have in your wardrobe, or raid your family and friends closets!


Stranger Things

Over the seasons, the fashion in Stranger Things has had a major upgrade. The colours seem to get brighter and more fun as the season go on, and this means that you can have so much fun with the costume too! Whether you’re going on your own as Eleven, or getting that gang together it’s a perfect show for costume inspo!

Squid Game

This show is absolutely everywhere and it’s no surprise that everyone wants to dress up as any and all characters.


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3) Sex Education

The fashion game in Sex Education has always been on point, even with the dull uniform blip. The array of fashion senses span across so many different styles. Are you bright and vintage like Aimee? Are you a human rainbow like Eric? Maybe you want to dress like an alien like Lily? Or are you more punk like Maeve?


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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Knock knock knock on the gates of hell, guess whose back with another spell…Sabrina has so many iconic looks throughout the show but this dark cheerleader seems the best for Halloween!

The Queen’s Gambit

Beth’s fashion sense has many peaks and valleys throughout the run of this series. Her vintage fashionista vibes are absolutely to die for. Also, this inspo pic could be great for a couples costume!


One of the best period dramas we’ve seen in a long time and one element they knocked out of the park is the wardrobe! The commitment, the fit, the styling, the hair, and make-up! Its more commitment than the other costume ideas but look how elegant they are!


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Emily in Paris 

We’ve all wished we could just up and move to a romantic city. And Emily gets to do it?! Watch as Lily Collins portrays the life of Emily getting used to life in Paris, crushing the fashion game and giving us major outfit envy. From berets to cute skirts, you’ll be sure to find an Emily In Paris inspired outfit without heading to the joke shop.


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By Sadhbh Pearse