Happy Planet: 5 Ways To Cut Down On Waste

Little changes make a big difference.

 We’re all doing our bit to try and look after the planet as best we can. From making smarter choices to shopping less and making small changes to our every day lives. If you want to avoid filling your bins so quicky, here’s 5 ways to cut down on waste 


  1. Avoid binning clothes 

This is an important step in helping landfills decrease. If we avoid binning clothes we no longer want or wear we will minimize the overflowing of landfills. Plus there is so much you can do with unwanted clothes, from upcycling to making some pocket money on Depop to donating them to charity shops! So next time you do a big clear out, sort them into a ‘get creative’ pile, for clothes that just need a quick stitch or a cute crop, a ‘depop’ pile, if you’re feeling entrepreneurial, and a donate pile for charity shops. The planet will thank you. 



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2. Avoid plastic utensils  

When you order a coffee or make yourself a drink or order a meal you are often offered plastic straws, forks and knives… just get into the habit of saying no! Politely decline and instead invest in a pack of steel or bamboo straws which you can wash and reuse whenever! In terms of cutlery, you can always pick up the wooden alternatives or have your own utensils with you to use at any time. If you’re heading straight home, you certainly don’t need plastic cutlery that go straight into the bin. It’s a simple step in filling up your bins less. 

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3. Swap your shopping bags 

Like saying no to plastic forks, get into the habit of saying no to plastic bags in store and always have your own cloth bag instead. The plastic bags that you are often given in stores contribute to a large amount of waste worldwide, and plus you have to pay for them every time. Instead grab a tote bag a keep it in your handbag or jacket pocket, so the next time you’re out shopping you have a mala handy! 



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4. Take less buses, taxis and lifts

If you want to minimise your personal carbon footprint why not invest in a bike that will, in the long run, be cheaper than getting the bus each time you need to go somewhere? Bikes are extremely environmentally friendly and help you stay in fit and healthy. So, why not get something that is not only good for our planet but also brilliant for your health? Next time you’re popping around the corner to meet your BFF, don’t hound your older sibling for a lift, use your feet or hop on a bike instead.


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5. Avoid buying non- recyclable items 

Most items nowadays, whether it’s packaging or the items themselves, have a symbol that tells you whether the item can be recycled or not. Items that can be recycled are better for our planet and personal waste and are oftentimes cheaper and longer-lasting in comparison to non-recyclable goods. Get familiar with the ‘recyclable’ signs and wording on packages to make better choices when you’re shopping. A easy way to do this right now, is to pick up a reusable, washable face covering from an Irish brand, insteading of binning the disposable ones after each use. 



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With these little tips and tricks, we best your bin won’t fill up half a quickly as it once did, which makes for a happy planet.


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