Harry Styles’ Mam Just Had The Perfect Response To Her Son’s Vogue Cover

Plus: Why Harry wearing a dress shouldn't be a big deal.

Harry Style’s made waves this month when he graced the cover of Vogue Magazine.

The singer is the first male to ever have a solo cover, and he did so in a stunning lace gown and black blazer.

This caused quite the stir, mostly for the right reasons as fans were super excited to see the progressive cover and loved that Harry got creative in his look.

However, some very conservative people felt it wasn’t right that a man wore a dress because it’s not ‘manly’. There are a couple of reasons why this is actually wrong. One is that we have to ask ourselves what exactly ‘manly’ means. And two is that people should be allowed wear whatever they want to wear whenever they want.

There was after all, a time when women and girls weren’t supposed to wear trousers or pants, only skirts and dresses. That doesn’t seem to fair does it?

One person who is thrilled with Harry’s photoshoot is his mam.

Anne Twist spoke to chat show host Lorraine about the December issue of Vogue, and his success by first saying: “Harry’s just Harry, he’s always been Harry.”

When host Lorraine said that people should be able to leave whenever they like, Anne agreed saying: “Absolutely.”

She even went on to take some credit for his creative style.

“I think maybe I had something to do with it,” she said.

“Because I was always a big fan of doing fancy dress with them when they were smaller, which Gemma [Harry’s sister] hated but Harry always embraced. But who doesn’t love doing a bit of dress up?”

We couldn’t agree more Anne!

Thanks for creative such a style icon xo


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