Having Trouble Sleeping? We’ve Got Some Tips For You!

It's not easy to get to sleep these days

Anyone else awake at 3am every night and sleeping in so late that it’s ‘too late’ to get any productive work done? Yeah we thought so. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to fix your body clock and get the sleep you need to make the most of your days.

1. Avoid late in the day napping

Sometimes a little nap is just what we need to make up for some lost sleep, but napping for too long and too late in the day can only contribute to more lack of sleep, the vicious cycle continues. If needed, try nap in the early afternoon and limit them to around 20 minutes,  you may want to sleep longer but think of the lovely sleep you’ll have later!

2. Avoid being on your phone at night time

This can be tough we know, a little scroll in bed can’t be that bad right? Well, the blue light can actually make you less sleepy. Try reading a book or magazine instead you’ll feel tired much quicker.

3. Have a night routine

Try to stick to a designated night routine around the same time every night. Let your body know it’s getting ready for bed, Pj’s, a bath maybe, your night skincare. Little things that tell your body it’s time to sleep soon.

4. Relaxing assistance

It’s so easy to be stressed in this situation, so some extra help to relax can really impact your ability to sleep. Try some lavender scents, either bath soak or pillow spray, the soothing smell can whisk you off to sleep. Or maybe some wave sounds, nod off while imagining you’re lying by the ocean, it really helps.

5. Be active

This one’s important. If you’re lying on your bed all day watching Netflix and then you try to sleep in the same position it won’t be that easy. Try to get up out of your bedroom and get dressed, exercise and fresh air help to tire your body physically which will make you want to sleep later on.

6. Bed is for relaxing

Make sure not to study or work from your bed. You want your body to know that it’s time to wind down when it’s in bed, but it will be confused as to whether it’s work mode or sleep mode if you mix both.

Try these tips and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!


Words: Jade Carpenter