Heading To A Disco? Here’s How To Make It The Best Night Ever

Summer 2022 is about to be 🔥🔥

If you’re heading to a disco this summer it’s fair to assume you’re hoping to enjoy yourself. The prep before the big night can be stressful and the lead up can be anxiety inducing. You’re probably worrying about your outfit, your dance moves, making friends and more, but it’s important to remind yourself that this is a chance to let your hair down and make some memories.

To help you push the nerves aside and make it a night to remember we’re sharing our top tips for making your next disco the best one yet.

Have fun getting ready

Arguably the best part of any night out is getting ready – fight me on that. So, why not make the most of it? If you’re getting ready on your own, romantise it. Make a playlist to get you in the mood to dance before hand, set up your makeup, lay out your clothes and give yourself plenty of time to sing, dance, throw on some makeup and take selfies.

If you’re heading along with friends invite them over to your house to get ready and hype each other up before heading out.

Don’t take it too seriously

It can be easy to get caught up in wanting the night to be perfect, seeing shows like Euphoria will make you feel that your teenage years need to look a certain way, but ask any adult ever and they’ll tell you that isn’t true. Try not to sweat the small stuff  – can’t get the perfect picture for Instagram? doesn’t matter, having a nightmare with your hair? also not important. In years to come, you’ll look back on the night and you won’t remember the dodgy eyeliner you did or the patchy fake tan on your legs, instead, you’ll remember the fun you had with your friends, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Make plans afterward

Often, when the disco comes to an end you’re having so much fun that you don’t want the night to end. To avoid that feeling make plans with your friends for afterward. Organise a sleepover for you all to dissect the night’s events and plan a cute day date the morning after too.

Snap away

While you’re there try to find the right balance between taking some cool videos and pictures on the night and not spending your whole evening on your phone. To avoid this, why not go retro and bring along a disposable camera with you? This way you can take plenty of candid snaps and then have something physical to remember the night by when you get them developed.

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