Help I Have Sensitive Skin!

What to opt for and what to avoid!

The condition of your skin can really affect your self-esteem and make you feel self-conscious, especially when we see thousands of perfectly airbrushed women on Instagram every day. While we’d love to tell you to just love the skin you’re in and embrace it no matter what, if you’re prone to rashes or breaking out, there are steps that can take to help you feel more confident. The more you understand your sensitve skin, the better you can manage it.

Sensitised skin vs sensitive skin

Sensitised skin can be the result of pollution, over washing, dehydration or using loads of products, and the bad news is that it can happen to anyone at any point of their lives. You may feel like your face is tingly or burning after applying make-up and itchiness is a dead giveaway. But don’t panic, sensitised skin can be easily treated.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is something you’re born with but there are lots of products that can help calm it down. Sensitive skin types are often susceptible to allergic reactions and the slightest thing can make skin flare up and get red and angry. People who are born with fair or red hair are more likely to suffer from dry and sensitive skin conditions.

What about Rosacea?

Rosacea is a dry skin condition which is often mistaken for sensitive skin and it effects millions of people worldwide(mostly women). It is particularly common in Ireland because of our fair hair colouring. Symptoms include redness around the cheeks, eyebrows and nose, blushing often and red dots that usually begin on the nose and spread to the cheeks. Anything from heat to anxiety can make it flare up. Apparently, changing your diet to a vegan diet and drinking more water can help however it is a stubborn condition so it’s best to consult a GP.

There are certain products you shouldn’t be putting on your face!
Stuff to ban

Instead of putting any kind of foundation or concealer onto our faces, we need to understand what suits our sensitive skin and what doesn’t. People who have sensitive skin usually need light foundation as opposed to heavy and thick foundations. Get into the habit of reading the ingredients of products and if it contains more natural ingredients, then you’re usually good to go. Steer clear of products that contain alcohol , soap or detergent like sodium lauryl sulphate.

Stuff to buy

Delicate skin needs a lot of TLC and most cosmetic companies have specially designed ranges for vulnerable skin. Beauty Bay is an example of a company that offers foundation called “The Ordinary” which is light and gives great coverage around the face for sensitive skin types. As a general rule, if the product contains more than 10 ingredients you should steer clear. Using a light cleanser every second day and moisturising after every shower should become a routine for every skin type. Simple skincare are another good example of natural skincare and are widely available in Boots.