Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Stranger Things Season 4

We have SO many questions.


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Hands up who’s waiting not so patiently for the fourth season of Stranger Things? Yep, us too. The last season was filled with all sorts of crazy moments, so we’re all pretty eager to know what’s next for Eleven, Mike and crew. Here’s everything there is to know about Stranger Things season 4, so far. Mind you though, there is some season three spoilers ahead!

When will season 4 be released? 

Let’s get the big question of out the way first, eh? Long story short, we have no exact date yet. Filming of the next season had started but had to be postponed for safety reasons because of coronavirus. Although according to ScreenRant, David Harbour (who plays Hopper) revealed on Instagram, that the season “was supposed to come out early next year, I think, although I don’t have authority on this.” But he also said that the release date is likely to be pushed back because filming has been paused. Looks like we’ll have to rewatch the first few seasons while we wait.


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Who’s coming back?

This is another tough question because there were a lot of heartfelt goodbyes in season three – spoilers ahead! With Will, Jonathan, Joyce, and El moving away from Hawkins, we’re not exactly sure how the gang is going to get together to do what they do best. Darce Montgomery might not make another appearance, after Billy’s death in season three. But at least we know that Hopper will be back after Netflix released the first teaser for Stranger Things season 4.

What’s actually going to happen?

Did you spot the credits scene that set up the next season? We saw that the Russians are up to no good, and one of their prisoners has been taken away to be eaten by a new demogorgon they’ve created. Plus, they mention the American prisoner they have locked up, who we now know is Hopper. This also means that the fight for Hawkins isn’t over yet, so we’ll have a whole lot to look forward to in Stranger Things season 4.


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