Here’s How Much Molly Mae Can Earn From Just One Insta Post

It's a LOT of money!

We’ve all come love and admire the powerhouse that is Molly Mae. From her casual vlogs showing us her life with boyfriend Tommy Fury to her perfectly polished Instagram giving us all the fashion inspo we need.

It’s been nearly two years since she left the Love Island villa. Molly Mae tells Cosmopolitan that ever since life has been “pretty crazy.”

In 2019, the influencer left the Love Island villa with 3 million Instagram followers. This number has since grown to 5.5 million.

Molly Mae can now reportedly charge £12,000 per sponsored Instagram post. Yes, you read that right! In euros, that’s almost 14k!

The average wage in Ireland is around 30k, so it would take Molly Mae just 3 IG posts to make what many people make in a year!

The influencer is said to worth in the region of £2.4 million. More than most people earn in a lifetime!

Despite not winning Love Island. Molly Mae reveals to Cosmopolitan that she remembers the endless offers of work she received afterwards.


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“I’ll never forget how many people wanted to work with me,” she says. “They brought me flowers and one offered me a car, even though I couldn’t drive. There were huge (financial) figures being thrown around.”

Even with the endless offers of money and cars, Molly Mae knew she wanted to work with brands that believed in her before she reached millions of followers.

The influencer has collaborated with Pretty Little Thing and Beauty Works closely over the past two years. After leaving the villa, she reportedly signed a six figure deal with Pretty Little Thing with her first collection becoming one of the brand’s most successful launches to date.

She also launched her own tanning brand, Filter By Molly-Mae and has landed sponsorship deals with the likes of Starbucks and Kylie Skin. Yes, billionaire Kylie Jenner has paid Molly to promote her brand now, we’re only slightly jealous!


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Molly Mae has come a very long way from her days of lifeguarding and working in Boots! But despite her global fame the YouTuber’s personality showcases her as just a normal girl living a very extraordinary (and wealthy) life.

And there’s no stopping her now with her ever growing popularity we’re expecting big and exciting things from Molly Mae in the next few years!

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By Lauren Allen