Here’s How Team KISS Is Spending Their Week

Nachos, Nails and Ringo The Dog!

Welcome to the Team KISS list. We know that after weeks and weeks of lockdown, you’re probably getting a bit bored, frustrated even, and that’s totally understandable.

Team KISS is sharing some of our favourite things we’ve done/watched/used in the last week to give you some inspo and help you to get to know us better.

Megan Roantree, Editor

Watching: New Girl

I love a new series as much as the next gal, I was so excited to get season 2 of Dead To Me and the final season of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix this month. But an old fave was also added to the list – yep, all 7 seasons of New Girl. I watched this show so much in my Leaving Cert year as a little break from studying as it was the perfect relief. I know the exam plan has totally changed for this year, but in the stress of everything going on right now, a giggle with Jess and the gang is exactly what’s needed right now!

Listening To: Ben Platt 

If you watched the Politician or Pitch Perfect, you’ll know that broadway actor Ben Platt has an amazing voice. He recently took part in Disney’s Family Singalong on the streaming site by singing Aladdin’s A Whole New World with Idina Menzel. Since then I’ve been playing his music on Spotify. Great if you want to belt out something in your bedroom and pretend you’re on broadway. Grab your hairbrush!

Wearing: Facemasks

Does anyone else desperately miss when ‘facemask’ only really meant skincare? Well this is the kind I’m enjoying right now anyway! I think I’ve worn makeup 5 times in the last two months, so I’m enjoying trying out some skincare instead. And after a day staring at a screen, there is nothing better than popping on a cooling, refreshing face mask. My current faves are Seoulista’s Beauty Brightening Instant Facial and Vichy’s Minéral 89 Fortifying Recovery Tissue Mask perfect if your skin is feeling a little dull and try.

Amie Edmonds, Staff Writer

Watching: Reality TV
I’ve been filling that reality tv gap by rewatching Love Island 2018 each night on Virgin Two at 9pm. It’s the ideal show to just switch off from everything and relax to watch. Plus, I had forgotten so much that happened it in, from Casa Amor to so many couples making their relationship official.  I’ve also been enjoying SO many Disney movies, like the Lizzie McGuire movie and Lady and the Tramp. Classics!

Reading: Such A Fun Age
It’s been on my ‘must-read’ list for a while, but after reading what Adele was up to last week I have finally started reading ‘Such A Fun Age’. I’ve only just started it, and I’m already hooked! So much so that I had to download another book to read before I go to sleep, because ‘Such A Fun Age’ is too much of a page-turner to read just before going to sleep, I’d be up until all hours otherwise!

Wearing: Skincare

All of the skincare, ALL of it! At the beginning of lockdown, I was neglecting adding SPF to my routine because I wasn’t spending as much time outdoors. But since I’ve read up on why it’s important to wear SPF indoors too, I’ve been wearing it each and every day. My favourite right now is Skingredients Skin Shield SPF 50, and it has been since I first tried it before Christmas. It’s safe to say it’s up there with my favourite skincare products ever, because it does exactly what it says on the tin, and leaves your skin looking fresh and fabulous.

I’ve also brought out my little collection of nail polishes, I usually get shellac done monthly, but I’m actually enjoying sitting down and painting my nails. They’re not as nice as they would be if I was getting them done, but there’s something so relaxing about it too.

Doing: Zoom Quizzes
Like pretty much every else in the country, Zoom quizzes are a weekly must. It’s not something that either my family or my friends would have done pre-lockdown, but it’s great to be able to enjoy something together. Half of the competition is who can come up with the best questions, ideal for Saturday night antics!

Adele Miner Staff Writer

Doing: Spending Time With My Dog 

Since lockdown began my dog, Ringo has been glued to my side. It might seem silly but to me, he’s more than just a pet, he’s one of my best friends! We spend pretty much every second of the day together, he sleeps in my bed (I know, I know, but I can’t say no to those puppy eyes) so we wake up together, we eat breakfast together, he stays by me while I spend the day working on my laptop, and then when that is done we go for a walk or play together. We’ve been taking longer walks than usual now that we have more time and the weather has been nice, and it’s great to get some fresh air and sunshine with my little companion by me. He never fails to put a smile on my face and I’m not sure what I would do without him really!

Eating: Nachos


One of my favourite things about going to the cinema is getting food. So, now that we can’t go there right now I’ve been trying to find ways to bring cinema food to me. I’ve perfected my nachos recipe, I make them with minced beef and sometimes Quorn mince for a veggie option, top them with lots of tomatoes and spring onion and make a side dip of guacamole for the side. For a treat, I’ve also been mixing microwave popcorn into a bowl with chocolate buttons, heaven!

Buying: Books!
Like I said last week, I’ve been using this time to get through my TBR pile and I’ve been making pretty good progress with it. But, this also means that I’m quickly running out of new books to read fast so I’ve been buying some, it’s actually getting a little out of hand tbh. My most recent purchases are Emma Dabiri’s ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ and Will Hill’s ‘After The Fire’, both have been on my wishlist for a while so I’m excited to finally get stuck into them once they arrive!
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