Here’s How To Get The New Expressify Filter On TikTok

Have you tried it yet?

If we were to sit here and list all of the filters which have gone viral on TikTok this year alone, it’s fair to assume we’d be here quite a while.

While not so long ago the beard filter was popping up all over our fyp, now it’s about the ‘expressify’ filter and tbh – we’re a fan of this one. Basically, the filter takes your expressions and times them by ten, you’ll smirk and end up with a grin like a Chesire Cat, or frown and your eyebrows will appear halfway down on your face.

The results from the Expressify trend are hilarious, and if you’re wondering how you can get on board and have some fun with it yourself, wonder no more.

Here’s how you can use the filter on your videos:

  • Click into the ‘discover’ section (magnifying icon) on your TikTok account.
  • Then, type search ‘Expressify’
  • Spot where it says ‘effects’ and tap on the filter underneath.
  • Then, click on the record button on the bottom of your screen and choose which way you want your effects to appear.

If you’re struggling to come up with videos you can create with the filter, here’s some of our hilarious faves to get you inspired!

@taliamarOmg I scared myself #fyp♬ mattia used my sound – mattiadeluxe

@larrydunnBYE WHAT IS THIS FILTER IM SCREAMING #fyp♬ mattia used my sound – mattiadeluxe

@abbyspamstuff♬ original sound – RaveCentral

@yredrocaziulGUYS AHEHWHDHHA♬ mattia used my sound – mattiadeluxe


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