Here’s How To Use Jade Rollers And Gua Sha Stones *Properly*

Not sure where to begin? Look no further...


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Gua sha stones and jade rollers have been around for SO LONG. But especially since during Lockdown Number 1, when everyone took to perfecting their skincare routine, gua sha and jade rollers were everywhere.

But, when it comes to using these facial tools, it’s actually not as easy as you might think. So how do we actually use them, to make sure that we can achieve the proper results?

Jade Rollers

First up, jade rollers. Between jade rollers and gua sha stones, these are much easier to get the hang of. Basically, a jade roller is a centuries-old Chinese skincare tool, that’s a similar shape to a paint roller, made from solid jade stone. Normally, there are two ends on a jade roller. One larger end, to use on cheeks, jaw and forehead, and a smaller end for under the eyes and around the mouth.

The real benefits of using jade rollers is that they improve circulation and lymphatic drainage (which is basically built up fluids in the skin), so you look more glowing and less puffy. As well as this, using jade rollers are quite cooling and relaxing on the skin, giving yourself a bit of downtime.


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So how do you use a jade roller properly? You want to stroke your skin with the jade roller, in an upward direction, at least three times per area. Start at the centre of your chin, rolling up towards your ear. Repeat that a few time, then move from the side of your nose up to your temple. On your forehead, roll it up from your brow to your hairline, then horizontally out towards your temple. Then repeat the process on the other side of your face, simples!

Keep this up every few nights, you’ll feel SO relaxed, and you may see the benefits in your face looking less puffy almost immediately. Just make sure to give your jade roller a clean after each use and store it somewhere where it won’t be collecting germs.

Gua Sha Stones


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Admittedly, these are a little more difficult to get the hang of, simply because you have to hold the stone in a certain way for it to work. I’ve been using a gua sha stone for months, and only realised the other night that I’ve been doing it all wrong.

Similarly to jade rollers, a gua sha stone is also an old Chinese skincare tool, they also bring new blood to the surface and promote lymphatic drainage so that your skin looks less puffy and results in your skin looking smoother and brighter. Unlike a jade roller, gua stones are more about the way they are used, rather than the stone itself.

Many people, myself included, use the side of the gua sha stone. But instead, the proper way to use it is to hold the stone so that about one third of the stone is flat on your face. After cleansing, pop on a serum or oil so that the tool won’t drag at your skin. Then, using the same method as the jade roller, gently scrape the flat side of the gua sha stone upwards and across your face.

Once I figured out how to use it properly, I could actually see a difference between the side of my face that was done, and the side that wasn’t. It looked more defined, and a whole lot less puffy.

Check out the video below to see for yourself how to use a gua sha stone properly.

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