Here’s How You Can Support Your LGBT+ Friends In School This Week

BeLonG To has launched a special campaign in which Allys 'come in' so people don't have to come out.



A new campaign has launched this week which aims to support young LGBT+ people in schools and social circles.

According to BeLonG To, 70% of young LGBTI+ people name bullying at school as a major source of anxiety and 90% struggle with their mental health. They feel pressure to come out. Then, they are often bullied for coming out. But the rest of us don’t have to stand back and watch. The rest of us can choose to come in.

To come in is to stand up and show your support for your LGBTI+ friends, family, classmates and colleagues. For strangers, for those who might need it the most.

What Can I Do? 

For example, if you clearly speak in support of LGBT+ people when chatting casually to your friends, you’re showing that you are accepting and welcoming when it comes to those around you. This makes it a lot easier for friends who may be questioning their sexuality or gender, or those who know that they are part of the LGBT+ community but have been too nervous to come out.

While you may already strongly support LGBT+ people, it’s important to make it clear to those around you, because thinking it is not enough.

Stand Up 

If you see or hear someone speaking or acting unfairly about the LGBT+ community, make it clear that you’re not okay with it and that it’s not right. Don’t be afraid to speak to a teacher, parent or guardian if you feel someone is treating someone unfairly because they are part of the LGBT+ community.

While this should be the norm all day, every day, a special campaign is running this week to highlight the issue. As part of Stand Up Week, you can ‘come in’ by telling friends and family that you are an ally. The campaign runs from the 11th to the 15th November. You can pledge to come in using our #ComeIn declaration, in person, on social media and anywhere else you feel you can. You can also wear a jumper in a colour from the rainbow on Friday 15th November to show your support. Why not organise it with a group of friends to really make a statement.

Remember that if everybody chose to come in, nobody would have to come out.

Check out BeLonG To for more