Here’s The €18 Spot Cream James Charles Swears By

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We’re forever on the lookout for any kind of budget beauty treatment that promises to transform our skin. From DIY face masks to chemical exfoliations, we really put our skin through the mill all in search of perfectly clear skin. So, when major beauty YouTubers open up about their can’t live without products, we’re all ears.

James Charles, beauty YouTuber, and guru recently shared some of his go-to beauty products in his latest video ’10 Things James Charles Can’t Live Without’.

Like many of us, James has taken to online shopping in recent months to fight lockdown boredom, and among his online purchasing is a spot treatment that he claims has been a lifesaver for his skin.

He is of course talking about cult beauty product Mario Badescu’s ‘Drying Lotion’. Saying that it has become his “favourite product in the entire world”.

James is realistic when he speaks about the product, saying that it doesn’t entirely make spots disappear after one application, but he says that tapping a small amount on to a problem area and sleeping in it overnight dramatically reduces the size and redness of his pimples – sign us up!

The best news is that if you fancy getting your hands on the product for your own pesky pimples (is it even that time of the month if your chin doesn’t have a freak out?!), you won’t have to break the bank doing so. Coming in at just €18 one bottle will last you from at least 6 months to one year, which is pretty decent for skincare.

But, if you’ve ordered a bottle of the good stuff and are waiting around for it to arrive, you can always reach for some Sudocrem, which does a similar drying job in any emergency situation, ie. the night before a date.

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