Here’s The Recipe For Kylie Jenner’s Signature French Toast

That's our Quar-tivity for the day!

If you follow Kylie on Instagram, you’ll know she has a few skills in the kitchen. From hosting her annual ‘friends giving’ feast to baking with Stormim, cooking is something Kylie loves doing and lucky for us she’s shared the recipe for one of her signature dishes so we can try at home!

Earlier this week, Khloe Kardashian posted an Instagram story showing some delicious French toast and crediting Kylie for the recipe. Later that day, Kylie was seen making it too saying Khloe inspired her.

Kylie decided to document her process on Insta stories and let us know how to make the Flakey French toast! Here’s  what you need.

French toast mix:



Vanilla extract


Flakey outside:

Crushed frosted flakes

What to do:

1. Dunk your slice of bread in the French toast mix.

2. Dunk this mix covered bread into some crushed up Frosties (yes, the cereal), until covered all over.

3. Have some butter melting in the pan and when it’s hot enough pop the bread in and let it cook.

4. Sprinkle some brown sugar on the bread while in the pan for some extra sweetness. And flip to the other side once the first side is cooked.

You should be left with some scrumptious flakey French toast! If going by the pictures on the Kar/Jenners stories is anything to go by it looks delicious.

Let us know If you tried it and what your verdict is!

The Stories are saved to Kylie’s Instagram highlight so you can check it out there. We look forward to some more food highlights from Kylie.

Words: Jade Carpenter