Here’s What Bernie Sanders Had To Say About That Meme



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There were many standout moments from the US Inauguration earlier this week. In fact it’s hard to pick just one…J.Lo’s all-white ensemble? Lady GaGa singing the national anthem into a totally extra gold microphone? Or perhaps 22-year-old poet, Amanda Gorman’s incredible speech?

Whatever your personal favourite moment was, the internet’s was Bernie Sanders chilling with his wooly mittens on. You’ve seen the countless memes and now there’s even a filter so you can pop chill Bernie wherever you want!

It seems the world went nuts for how relaxed he looked, not particularly dressed up for the occasion, instead bundled up in a cosy coat and some super cute mittens.


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Now the US Senator has had his own say on the already iconic image. Appearing on American talk show, Late Night With Seth Meyers he was asked about the countless memes now all over the internet.

“Yeah, I’ve seen them,” he said but of course he didn’t make the moment about himself. Instead, he spoke about the woman who knitted the mittens for him, Jen Ellis.

The schoolteacher and seamstress from Vermont has apparently been totally “overwhelmed” with the interest in her knitted creations.

With absolutely zero intention of being made into a meme, Bernie was just trying to stay warm and cosy throughout the inauguration.

It’s a mood, it’s a look, and TBH we all need to channel some Bernie Sanders chill energy into this lockdown.