Here’s What You’ll Actually Need To Bring To Your Uni Accommodation!

Get ready to buy some tea towels!

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Moving out for uni is, of course, exciting, getting to experience a new place and decorating your new room.

But it isn’t all Pinterest boards and fairy lights, when it comes to moving into your new accommodations. There are a lot more practical items you’re going to want to pack.

For specialised student accommodations, most will come furnished and will provide you with a list of items they provide, things like cutlery, kitchen supplies and mattresses. Private accommodations and digs will vary a bit more, so it’s a good idea to contact them, and see what they provide.

But even if a lot of your basics are covered, there are a few key items, that everyone forgets.

Sure remembering to bring a bath towel is easy enough, but get ready to realise your house is full of different types of towels.
Hand towels, tea towels, and face cloths are all easy to forget about, but you’ll really need to get some before moving in.

Most accommodations don’t include bathroom mats, but you’re going to need one. Not only will they stop you from slipping on a wet floor, but they also keep your feet away from the cold flooring and protect your tiles.

Oven mitts
Now if you’ve listened to number one, you’ll have a tea towel on hand which will work fine. But it’s not a bad idea to pick up some oven mitts to protect your hands from burns.
Most accommodations won’t have any, but frozen food are about to be your best friend. So investing in something that will offer quick access to your to meal is always a good idea.

Storage baskets
Something nearly all student accommodations have in common: the tiniest bathrooms you’ve ever seen.  And with these tiney tiny toilettes comes little to no storage. The best solution is to get some small storage baskets to keep your skincare and toiletries organised, instead of sprawled all over the floor.


Some accommodations do provide hangers in the wardrobes but normally only a handful and definitely not enough to hold all your clothes.

Chances are there’s probably loads of hangers hanging around your house (literally). But if you don’t have any to spare they are available to buy, but there is also a handier solution. Most big department shops are full of spare hangers and are normally happy to get rid of them. They are plenty used to students coming in and asking so it’s worth a try.