Here’s Why Everyone Should Start Journaling

Your new favourite form of self-care

Journals are having a serious moment – and all for good reason!

But what’s all the fuss about? Firstly, the benefits of keeping a journal are endless. It’s a form of self-care as it can act as an outlet for all of your feelings, ideas and emotions, as well as providing you with a space to be creative and even stay organised! Sounds pretty good right?

So, what type of journals are there?

Bullet Journals

The type of journal that you keep is totally up to you and there are so many types to choose from, but the big buzz word in journaling right now is ‘bullet journaling’ which involves keeping a journal of all sorts in a seriously aesthetically pleasing and creative way.

If you’re not the biggest fan of sitting down and pouring your feelings onto a page and recalling all the details of your day, you can choose to keep a bullet journal and create a personalised space for you to dump all your ideas and thoughts. You can use bullet points and boxes and grids to write short notes, or stick a happy/sad face or rate your day, in a quick but conscious way.

Dear Diary

While a bullet journal is totally popular right now, it’s not the only type of diary and may not suit everyone. If you wear your heart on your sleeve or like to get ALL your emotions out on paper, you can stick to a regular old diary, where you document your day, or just turn to it when you have some feelings you need to get off your chest and onto a piece of paper. Trust us it’s SUPER therapeutic.

A Month Planner

If you’re not feeling the idea of writing about your feelings, a practical planner way be best for you.  You can use it to keep track of any important dates coming up and it can ask as a nice memory book at the end of the year looking back on different special dates.


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A Tracker

If you need to remember something important like taking your vitamins or drinking enough water, you can keep a tracker diary instead, where you draw out little grids and get creative, as a fun way to remind yourself of important tasks.

A Sleep/Mood Log

If you’re drinking enough water, you could try keeping a sleep or mood log too, which gives you a chance to check in with yourself and to see how you’re doing!


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A Combination Diary

Many bullet journals include a mix of everything. So if you’d like some pages where you can have lines and lines of emotional writing, that’s fine. But if you want to just leave bullet points about your day the next, you can do that too. If you want to use it for handy things like tracking your menstrual cycle or getting enough sleep, you can mark out a grid on the back pages for those things too.

What about the benefits?

Whichever type of journal you decide to use, trust us, there are lots of benefits.


Keeping a journal is great for mindfulness, as it lets you lay down all your feelings on paper so that you’re checking in with yourself and acknowledging how you feel.

You can fill a page with everything you’re grateful for, a page full of plans for the coming year or a page full of goals for the future – that way you will always be able to look back and have a visual reminder of your thoughts and feelings.

If you do need some more inspiration to get started, there is an endless supply of ideas, from page topics, layouts, font styles or decoration out there – just use the hashtag #BulletJournalIdeas on Instagram or create a Pinterest board with all your favourite ideas and begin creating your own aesthetic!

Me Time!

Keeping a diary may not appeal much to you, but taking some time out of your day to sit back and reflect can be seriously beneficial and worthwhile – and using a bullet journal will even make it fun! Your journal doesn’t have to be anything special – you can use an old copybook and let your imagination flow – here are some ideas to get you started!

But if it gives you 15/20 mintures in the mornings, before you go to bed, or after school to take some time for you, it’s a very good thing!

Your New Favourite Hobby

With darker evenings, less activities to take part in and social distancing rules always changing, it’s great to have a hobby just for you. It puts some structure on your day and makes for a great keepsake in years to come. Imagine sharing your journal with your keeps in 20 years and telling them all about the Coronavirus pandemic?

This new hobby could be just what you need coming into the autumn/winter months, so grab all of your highlighter and pencils, make a cup of tea and get cuddled up and let your ideas flow onto the page – we promise you will be hooked in no time!

Words by: Kaia Purcell