Here’s Why Selling Sunset’s Davina Just Clapped Back At Netflix

Howling at this, tbh.


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Selling Sunset season four finally landed on Netflix yesterday, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have already binged your way through at least half of it. If you haven’t, don’t worry we’ll lay off the spoilers. But…

One fact that can’t be considered as a spoiler is that Davina did, in fact, not sell the infamous $75 million house. It caused a rift between her and Jason Oppenheim in the last season, eventually leading Davina to join another brokerage.

But Netflix decided to make it very clear that Davina never sold the house in a recent tweet. Writing: “Selling Sunset Season 4 premieres in 12 hours and since I know you’re all wondering… No, Davina still has not sold that 75 million dollar house.”

And yes, Davina did see the tweet and decided to clap back. She jokingly replied:

“Thanks for the support” and “#classy.”

Plenty of people on Twitter were also happy to joke about the house not being sold, with one tweeting: “WAIT SELLING SUNSET COMES BACK THIS WEEK. can’t wait to see Davina not sell that house,” while another added, “If you’re having a bad day just remember Davina still haven’t sold that mansion on Selling Sunset.”

Although, at least up until last year, Davina was still trying to find a buyer for the house in question. Speaking to Variety, she shared, “Maya has a client who’s expressed some serious interest, so we are in the middle of trying to put together a deal. We hope that it will result in an offer, and I would be over the moon to present an offer to Adnan, and hopefully, get a deal going, but I don’t want to take too many steps ahead.

“We’ll see what happens, but I’m very excited and hopeful.”