Holly Hagan Admits She Regrets Promoting Diet Products On Instagram

“It never even occurred to me the damage I was causing."


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Influencer culture and Instagram is still relatively new, with Instagram only launching in 2010.

While it has it’s many uses – like following friends, keeping up with celebs and getting inspo for outfits and makeup, it has its downsides too.

Sometimes influencers will advertise things that they don’t really believe in or haven’t tried themselves because they’re getting paid to do it. This usually involves something like ‘skinny tea’ or diet products.

Holly Hagan who became famous for her time of Geordie Shore has opened up about her regrets about promoting such products.

When asked by a follower about why people promote these products, she explained that she used to promote as she believed they would work (they don’t!)

“It never even occurred to me the damage I was causing by promoting them. I was then flooded with 100s of angry messages from PTs and fitness professionals calling me every name under the sun. I was distraught I honestly expected anything like it. But they were right to be angry,” she said.

“I listened to what people said and educated myself on these products and promised to never take or promote them again.”

She went on to say that there is a lot more information out there now about why these products aren’t good.

During the Q&A she also said that cosmetic surgery only made her feel worse about herself.

“I’ve never really spoken about it but to be honest, surgery made my body image 100 times worse.”

This comes after Molly Mae from Love Island shared similar thoughts on her cosmetic procedures.

She explained that she didn’t ask her mum first about getting fillers, and later had to correct the work.

“I wish I listened to my mum more about fillers because it’s something I had to change. If I had listened, it wouldn’t have been something I had to try and fix in the long run,” she admitted.

“In the long run it makes you look worse,” she said.