How I Got My Job: Life Coach Lucy Gernon

"Know that you have to get your hands dirty and start at the bottom"

When you’re in school, it’s super hard to have to decide on your future career. There’s already hours of homework and study and you’ll soon be making decisions about college courses and what to do after school. At KISS we’re chatting to people in different industries about how they’ve landed their dream role, what they actually do, and their advice to you. This week, we’re chatting to Lucy Gernon life coach and owner of Powerhouse Revolution where she helps to support people in achieving their goals. 

What is your current role?

I own my own life and business coaching business called Powerhouse Revolution. I work with people who want support to help them gain clarity on what they want from a certain aspect of their lives and help them to reach their goals. Clients I have worked with have come to me for help in careers, business, growing in confidence, improving relationships, and moving forward from difficult situations. I offer wellness and success-focused workshops and events for business.

I also hold a full-time job in a large multinational pharmaceutical company. This is a completely separate entity to my coaching business. I have worked in various industries (food, beverage and pharma) in Quality Assurance or Quality Control for 20 years.

Can you describe what your general day-to-day looks like? Pre and post COVID?

Before COVID, I was working full time in management in the Quality Department of a large science-based multinational corporation. I still work there but I work at home now full-time due to COVID restrictions. During lockdown, I started thinking a lot about what I wanted to do with my life and I realised that while I LOVE my science-based job, there was something missing. I decided to bring the skills I have learned from 20 years in mentoring, leading, and coaching people and start up a Life and Business coaching business, called Powerhouse Revolution.


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Right now, I am juggling a full-time job, getting my coaching business off the ground, and my 3 children! My days are pretty full. I work from 08:30-17:00 and then I work on my coaching business in the evenings and weekends. I need to be really organised to make sure that the kids get what they need while working two fairly demanding but rewarding jobs! I love being busy, I thrive on pressure, so it suits my personality type.

How did you decide on this type of career?
I decided to do Science in college as it is the way of the future. I always loved Biology in school. Science is such a great subject to study because there are a whole host of areas you can get into. I actually wanted to do social care or something with people initially. So it’s great that now, I get to do both; life coaching to help people and then my science job to keep the technical part of my brain stimulated.

What course did you study in college?
I did a BSc in Industrial Biology in Carlow IT. I then went on to do a MSc in Biotechnology.


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What advice would you give to a student looking to get into your line of work?
If you want to work in science, you need to figure out what area. This can be pretty tricky. Listen to your gut on it. You need to know what you like but also what kind of lifestyle you want for yourself. You can follow your passion for sure but if it doesn’t pay well, are you ok with that? Know too, that you have to get your hands dirty and start at the bottom. There is no fast route to the next level up. You have to learn from the bottom as this is the knowledge you will need when you get to the next level. The higher up the ladder you go, the more problems you will be faced with solving. To do this, you need to understand the processes, and what better way to learn than to get stuck in. Get involved in as much as you can. Volunteer to do the tasks no one else will and that will get you noticed.

If you want to become a coach, I would say that you need to gain some life experience first. Go out and work. Figure out what you like and don’t like in a job. Make some mistakes, get to know yourself and when the time is right, do a coaching course. Just make sure it’s recognised by the International Coaching Federation for credibility.

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