How I Got My Job: Skincare Clinic Owner Valerie

Interested in science and skincare? This could be a career for you.

When you’re in school, it’s super hard to have to decide on your future career. There’s already hours of homework and study and you’ll soon be making decisions about college courses and what to do after school. At KISS we’re chatting to people in different industries about how they’ve landed their dream role, what they actually do, and their advice to you. This week, we’re chatting to Valerie Osborne, spa and skincare clinic owner.

What is your current role?

I own Elysium Day Spa and laser clinic and also operate my own Advanced Skincare Clinic. Valerie Osborne Advanced Skincare Clinic.

I provide advanced prescriptive facial treatments and home-care plans working with 12 different high-end professional skincare ranges. As well as facials and peels I also work with some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technology and equipment. I treat an array of skin conditions and concerns on a daily basis.

Can you describe what your general day to day looks like?

Being a business owner, I wear several hats, but my primary role is now firmly in the treatment room where I am at my absolute happiest. I love what I do which is results-driven advanced skincare treatments. My days in clinic vary from working with new 1st time clients through their initial consultation to meeting clients at different stages through their program or long-term clients who I would see every few months for maintenance or who check in to make sure they are stepping up correctly with their active homecare products ensuring continuous results.

I try to leave at least one day a week for paperwork; orders, wages, vat returns, marketing, social media, updating our websites online shop, staff training and catching up with the never-ending e-mails.

How did you decide on this type of career?

It was all I ever wanted to do; I went straight from leaving cert into a full-time college course. After qualifying, you can branch into so many different careers and what really attracted me was it was a job you could work anywhere, which I did. I have travelled all over the world gaining valuable industry experience as well as life lessons in my 20’s.

What course did you study in college?

I received 3 international diplomas from ITEC, CIBTAC and CIDESCO during my initial training however this industry is ever progressing so unless you keep studying and training you get left behind very quickly. My training and studying never stops, I take part in at least 3 training courses a year – be it new developments or re-fresher, you always pick up something new and relevant. I also insist all my staff do the same, it avoids complacency and keeps you driven and motivated.

What advice would you give to a student looking to get into your line of work?  

From an employer’s point of view, I would look for at least one of the following diplomas: ITEC / CIBTAC / CIDESCO. While these are important to have from an insurance point of view for an employer, they are merely exams passed and in no way can prepare you for the reality of working on paying clients and for the pace of a busy working salon/ clinic/ spa. Confidence and competence will only come with practice, guidance and good practical in-house training.

Be very selective about your work experience when leaving collage as it can generally set the tone for your future career. Be prepared to put in the work and understand that the more you put in the more you will get out of it in the long term. It is important to understand those 6 months after you qualify are the most important when developing your skills as a therapist – it is not the end of your training when you leave college it is only just the beginning!

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