How I Got My Job: Yoga With Maura

Interested in a career in yoga and meditation?

When you’re in school, it’s super hard to have to decide on your future career. There’s already hours of homework and study and you’ll soon be making decisions about college courses and what to do after school. At KISS we’re chatting to people in different industries about how they’ve landed their dream role, what they actually do, and their advice to you. This week, we’re chatting to Maura Rath, who you might know from her Instagram, @YogaWithMaura.

Interested in a career in wellness, meditation, and yoga? Read on…

What is your current role?

I am a yoga and meditation teacher

Can you describe what your general day at work looks like?

Each morning I start the day by leading two yoga classes, one energetic and one mindful. Once classes are over I concentrate on the administration side of the business, working on tasks such as organising studio bookings, creating content for social media and answering any queries from clients. My corporate clients usually have their classes at lunch time and after I lead these I move onto class prepping and planning for the following week.

How did you decide on this type of career?

I left Ireland in  2011 to travel and explore the world before stopping in New Zealand where I found a job in the insurance industry. Working long hours in a very stressful environment, I started running as a release and then turned to yoga to improve my flexibility. A year of random yoga classes later, I found a teacher I connected with, fell in love with my practice and was starting to change my life forever.

What did you study in college?

I studied Art and Design in college which has benefited me in terms of the creative element of my job. I then worked in insurance In New Zealand for 6 years. In 2017 I decided to return home to Ireland and continue my insurance career, stopping in India for four weeks to complete my yoga teacher training and travel. Four weeks turned into more than three months, 500hours of yoga training and finally a new career had been born. I traveled for another seven months teaching yoga in Nicaragua, Columbia and on the beach in Mexico. Some of the nomads who attended my debut classes on that Mexican beach still practice with me today, logging into my app from all over the world. To date I have completed over 800hrs in physical yoga training here in Ireland and abroad.

What are the ups and downs of the role?

I adore what I do, the physical aspect of the role keeps me healthy and strong and I get to meet the most amazing people along the way.

The downsides are that I work every day. Weekends are particularly busy for me, as it’s a time when people want to relax and look after themselves with a yoga class, so it can be a struggle sometimes to get time for myself.

What advice would you give to a student looking to get into your line of work?

Follow your heart and your passion. It’s so important to love what you do! Don’t focus on the pay check, instead look at what makes you happy and fulfilled. When you work hard at something you’re passionate about the money tends to follow.

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