How To Actually Keep Your Bedroom Clean

Try these 5 steps and thank us later!

Room Revamp is a series where we help you make your bedroom your dream space.  From simple tidying hacks to creating more space and adding touches of style to make it somewhere you love to cosy up.

We all have good intentions when it comes to having a nice bedroom. We want a Pinterest worthy vibe and to be able to walk in without tripping over clothes, a straightener, towels, shoes or anything else thrown on the floor.

Maybe you do a huge tidy about once a month and are delighted with yourself for the day and a half it stays clean.

But if you want a really tidy room that actually stays tidy, check out these 5 tips.

Make Sure Everything Has A Place

The first step to keeping your room tidy is having good storage. This applies to clothes, accessories and everyting else you might have in your bedroom. When something doesn’t have a ‘place’ in your room where it lives, you’ll likely just throw it onto your bed, desk or window sill without a second thought. If you decide, for example, that all you eyeshadow palletes go in that storage box under your bed, you’ll be more likely to put it where it belongs instead of just leaving it lying around. If you decide that all hair accessories now belong in that drawer, you’ll keep all your surfaces neater and decluttered for much longer. You might need to pick up some baskets or storage boxes to help you achieve this, but once you do, you won’t look back.

Don’t Let Things Be In-Between Clean & Dirty

It’s the end of the night you’re heading to bed, you change into your PJs and a pile of clothes from the day sit on your bed. You’re not sure if they’re clean enough to put back in your wardrobe, but don’t feel they’re dirty/worn enough for the washing mashing, so you just leave them there. Maybe you’ll wear them again tomorrow… The next day, you wake, put on an entirely different outfit, and do the same thing that evening. Sound familiar? The problem with this is, you’re left with a pile (or piles) of in-betweeny clothes that aren’t washed or worn again. The avoid this, there is something so simple you can do, first, get a laundry basket in your room if you don’t have one already. This will make it so much easier to decide if something is dirty, because you’ll have a place to put it. If it’s clean, and doesn’t need to be washed, put it back in the closet. Sure, you might end up wearing it again the next day, but did it really take you that much longer to pull it out of the closet than it would off your bed/chair/floor? Didn’t think so.

Make Your Bed

Your bed takes up quite a lot of space in your bedroom, so the way it looks can make a huge difference to how tidy your room looks. This doesn’t mean you have to have a crease-free, perfect-looking leaba, but fixing your bedding and straightening out your pillows will instantly make your room seem like it’s tidy, even if the floor looks like a bombsite. The same goes for leaving things on your bed, try not to use it as a dumping ground, keep it clear and you’ve got a (half) tidy room!

Give Yourself 10 Minutes Before Bed

If you find yourself doing a big clear out every few months because your parents are giving you grief or it’s gotten to the stage when the floor is covered, you probably hate the idea of cleaning your room. You see it as a big sweaty ordeal that feels like a workout and a half. But why not try doing a little tiny clear up every evening instead of one huge clean is much more manageable. If you got to bed at 10.30, head up at 10.20 and just tuck away any clothes, put things back in their place, and close your presses and drawers properly, and you’ll feel like you’ve a totally sparkling room.

Small, simple changes like this will help to ensure your room stays tidy for longer! Having a tidy room can help to keep your mind clear too if you’re feeling stressed or anxious, so it’s really a win win!


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