How To Ask For Help When You Need It

Whether your mood is low or you're going through some issues.

School stress. Friends and relationships. Family. Coronavirus and lockdown. Future worries. Health and body image. There’s a whole lot of things on our plates that we may worry about day in and day out.

But even pre-lockdown life, not everything is as easy as we sometimes wish it would be. Whether you’re feeling low, or you’re going through something right now, we all need some help from time to time. Although sometimes, asking for help also isn’t as easy as it seems. If you’re struggling right now, here’s how to ask for help when you need it.

Give yourself a pat on the back

First thing’s first, give yourself a little pat on the back for deciding to ask for help. It takes courage to acknowledge it in the first place, so well done you.

It’s not always easy talking to someone about your problems, but sometimes taking the first step is the hardest part. Once it’s all out in the open, it’s likely you’ll feel as if a literal weight has been taken off your shoulders.

Decide who to talk to

Next, decide who it is you’re going to reach out to. Someone you can trust and confide in, who you’ll be able to speak to comfortably without feeling any judgement.

If you’re not ready to speak to friends or family and would like to chat with someone who doesn’t actually know you, you have plenty of options. You can call, text or chat to any of the organisations and support lines below (make sure to swipe to the second pic too!) to get the help that you deserve.


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And then decide how to reach out

Depending on how you’re feeling and who you’re talking to, it’s completely up to you how you decided to get your worries out in the open. Whether you’d like to sit your mam down with a cup of tea and a good chat, or you think sending your sister a text may be easier. You could even write everything out on paper and send it to your best friend.

Whatever you decide, it’s important to get everything out. As holding back and not sharing your feelings won’t be of benefit to you, or even anyone around you.

Lastly, when should you decide to talk to someone?

Plenty of people often wait until things are built up inside before reaching out to someone, and while it’s never too late, it will help you more to seek support earlier.

If what you’re feeling or what you’re going through is affecting you on a daily basis, it’s important to get some help. Even if all you need is to talk to someone regularly about how you’re feeling, every little helps.

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