How To Bag Designer Brands For A Bargain

Looking to add some nice bits to your wardrobe without the hefty price tag?


Sick of not-so-high-quality clothing that doesn’t last? You’re probably considering investing in some designer or high-end pieces but maybe you’re hesitant about the price tag. Well, the good news is you can get a top brand for a low price pretty easily. Check out some of our fave options below:

1. Charity shops

There are so many hidden gems tucked away in charity shops. You can find designer bags and clothes for bargain prices, as long as you’re willing to do a bit of digging. Some vintage and second-hand shops specialize in designer brands so if you’re determined, those are your best bet. If not, keep it in mind next time you pass a charity shop, you could get yourself a Michael Kors bag or Tommy Hilfiger dress for a fraction of the price and no one will know the difference.

2. TK Maxx and outlets 

Outlet stores like the ones in Kildare Village or even your nearest TK Maxx are ideal for picking up designer bargains. This often because the brand didn’t sell their full stock so they have loads left at a discount. What’s great is that you can see exactly how much you are saving thanks to the label tags that Tk Maxx provides on each product, revealing its real retail price and the price you’re buying the item for.

3. Depop
You’re probably familiar with Depop, the app where people sell clothes and make-up. Most of the time the items are half price and in great condition! Why not help someone declutter and help yourself with a nice deal in the process? You can search specific brands on the app too, so if you’re got your eye on some Gucci runners, check Depop first and save yourself a small fortune.

4. Local pharmacies

If you love designer perfume and top makeup brands but can’t afford buying them online and paying for all that shipping, Boots and pharmacies near you might be the best bet. They often have exactly what you’re looking for without those sneaky customs charges. Plus, a lot of the time items are marked down in smaller shops, so keep an eye out for bargain baskets and get yourself some Fenty for less!



By Anastasiya Sytnyk