How To Colour Clash Your Outfits And Still Look Fire

There's actually a really simple method!

We might have been brought up believing that matching colours and keeping things simple is the way to go. As a result, sometimes we’re scared to use too much colour when we style outfits.

Fashion is changing to explore the full depth of colour, and we couldn’t be happier! There is nothing better than a colourful outfit that ‘shouldn’t’ work but just does!


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Emma Chamberlain is the QUEEN of this lane of fashion. She thrives to turn ‘ugly’ clothes into statements-and she does it well. Emma also does a great job at putting different colours together in a unique way.


If you feel as though you don’t have an eye for it (to know how to pair colours) here are the different kinds of pairings, and how to do them:

The Main Thing To Follow Is The Colour Wheel:


One we all probably have heard of. It’s very common in design methods, but a lot of people don’t know how or when to use it in fashion. If you look at the colour wheel, it is colours that are the exact opposites of each other.


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Of course, wearing the same shade of a colour, from head-to-toe. It’s suitable for all seasons and when done correctly, is fantastic. You just have to own it!


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A little more subtle than monochromatic. This is the same colour throughout, but different shades that go well with the main colour to differentiate a little. This is sometimes easier to achieve as you may have a lot of the same colour that isn’t exactly the same tone.


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Analogous colours

These are colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. They are similar and create a nice easy blend with one another.


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This technique is the use of neutral colours like black, white, brown, etc with a pop of colour to accentuate the whole outfit.

Triadic Colours

These colours are three colours spaced equally apart on the colour wheel. The colours balance each other and create harmony. If you look at the colour wheel and create a triangle shape of three colours, that’s where the triadic technique comes into play.

So check out what you already have in your wardrobe and see which of these colour clashing options work best for you!


Written by Brian L Cummins