How To Create The Perfect Collage Wall In Your Room

Plus some aesthetic inspo.

Room Revamp is a series where we help you make your bedroom your dream space.  From simple tidying hacks to creating more space and adding touches of style to make it somewhere you love to cosy up. This week, we’re looking at Collage Walls. 

Here are 5 steps you should follow for the perfect photo wall. 

Pick a wall

Most people tend to pick just one wall of their bedrooms to cover in photos, as it can look a little busy otherwise. It’s often best to pick the smallest wall as it means less work for you and it won’t end up making your room look too dark. It’s also good to pick a wall that the sun doesn’t shine directly onto to avoid the prints from fading in colour overtime.

So have a look around, weigh up your options and pick the best wall for your collage.

Make a layout plan

Once you have a wall in mind, it’s important to make a decision about the layout of the collage. Do you want them to all site in the exact same position side by side along the wall? Or are you going for a layering of horizontal and vertical prints? Either way looks great but it’s important to decide on one so that you can get an idea of how many prints you need and what size.

Choose an aesthetic 

This one is super important, are you going for beachy pastels and calming vibes? Or hot pink neon fun? Or are you going to go with black and white to keep it or muted? Perhaps you’d rather go with album covers or picks of your fave celebs? Whatever you decide will be great as long as you like it, but often it can work really well to think about the themes you already have in your room. Got a neon heart lamp and some LED lights? Maybe some more hot pinks/purples and bright colours would pull it all together for the perfect room fit for a TikToker.

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If you’re more into calming cool colours, plants and look your room to feel zen, opt for blues and creams to create a chill vibes.

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There are countless options on places like Etsy and Amazon.

Luxe Glam

From Esty.

Indie/Y2k vibes

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Via etsy 

Make it personal 

Some people who create a collage wall opt for just photos of their friends and their favourite memories. This is an aesthetic all of its own and if you’re into it it can be a lovely way to remember your best days, but if you don’t opt for a total photo wall it doesn’t mean you can’t personalise any other type. It can be really fun to personalise your collage wall that you bought online with some cute photos from your phone dotted throughout. You can pick a handful of your faves and add them throughout the collage. You can add a filter to your pics to make the more in tone with the aesthetic you picked (a pink filter over a selfie for example) or just pick ones that are already in similar colours. It can be fun to mix quotes, flat lays, flowers and other prints with pics of your own.

Stick them well

This one is important. Make sure to stick your photos well because there is nothing more stressful than fixing them every day as they slowly curl off the wall. Opt for double-sided tape to get it to stick right to the wall and really stay there. If you (or your parents) are worried about damaging your walls go for something like Command Poster Strips which aim to leave your walls damage-free. You can get them in homeware stores or online.

Happy collaging!

Lead image via Etsy, shop here. 

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