How To Deal When Your Ex Has A New Girlfriend

Be your own Carrie Bradshaw!

A girl’s worst nightmare some may say – your ex moving on with somebody that’s sadly not you. You might feel more alone than ever when this incident happens but you need to remember, it’s really not the end of the world.

You might have felt like you and your ex were literally in love, then the break up happens, the unfollowing on Insta, then the replacement. It all might seem unfair, but you need to keep going over the reason why you and your ex ended. If you ended it with him/her you need to take into account that they have to move on as well as you and this is part of the break-up process. Also, if you broke up with them, you need to understand they can’t wait around forever because after all, it unforch didn’t work out between you guys!

If it was the other way around, they broke up with you and now they have a new other half, you need to stay positive. For a number of reasons, their new SO could be a rebound, distraction or maybe you two were not meant to be! Whatever the reason for the break up, the key to moving on from the scenario is to block yourself out of their lives. Unfollow them on social media (or if you feel this is too drastic, simply mute them), delete their number and do not compare yourself to their new interest. That would probably be the worst thing to do.

Think of the scenario as a fresh start. Don’t bug yourself, remember your worth and be the best version of yourself. It’s not a competition of which ex moves on the quickest. Instead, just wait, the right person will make their way to you (sometimes when you aren’t even looking).

And the most important factor is to hold your head high. If you happen to meet your ex with his new other half at a disco, cinema or local shop, put on a smile and don’t be rude to them (even if you feel like the green-eyed monster). This may happen on numerous of occasions, the first time is the toughest but by you being mature this makes you look like the one that has moved on, even if you haven’t. It will get easier, but for now, as our ultimate single gal Carrie Bradshaw would say: “Your friends are your soulmates and boys are just people to have fun with”.

Words: Hayley Doherty