How To Go On ‘Dates’ During Quarantine

From asking someone out on a 'date' to conversation topics and game ideas



There are lots of tough parts to being in quarantine. From big things like not getting to go to school and see family, to missing your friends, to just wanting to be able to stroll into the shops.

We know that staying at home and following the guidelines could save lives, so we’re sticking to it until we’re told otherwise.

But perhaps one element of everyday life you’re missing out on is some crush action. Flirting, kissing, dates, all that stuff that gives you butterflies in your tummy.

Here’s how to date during quarantine:

You definitely can’t meet up with your crush right now, but you can have a virtual date. Whether it’s House Party, Zoom, Instagram video or any other video platform, it can be so much fun.

Safety first though: Only chat to someone you know in real life who is the same age as you.

Setting up the date

Whether it’s a guy or girl from your school, a friend of a friend, or a person you’ve kissed before, it can be difficult to ask anyone on a regular date nevermind one over video.

If you’re not already regularly snapping or texting, you need to get that started.

Start by snapping them something general about your day, or sending them a funny meme. If they respond, it means they are happy to talk to you. Once the conversation has started, see how you get on over DMs or text and if conversation is flowing naturally.

Once you’ve got the convo going, casually chat about how quar-life is driving you crazy. It can be something as simple as: ‘I am SO bored’ or ‘I’ve honestly run out of things to watch on Netflix’. Then, add that video chats have been your saving grace. Something like: ‘Thank god for Zoom chats, they’re really keeping me entertained’.

There’s a good chance they might ask you if you want to zoom, or chat over video, and if they don’t, you can do the asking. What have you got to lose, you won’t see them in person any time soon!

Try something like ‘Wanna Zoom over the weekend? I’ve never done a virtual date before 😝’ that way, you’re making it clear you see something romantic, and he or she won’t be shocked when you call it a date mid-call!


Date POA

Once the date is secured, you need a plan of action.

If you’re a makeup gal, paint your face in a way that makes you feel beautiful and gives you a confidence boost, add your favourite top or dress (you can wear PJs or joggers as they won’t see anything from the waist down – handy!) and pick somewhere in your room that gives good lighting, so you look your cutest!

Then, decide on what type of date you want:

Viewing party

You may have already tried this with your friends but a viewing party is a fun way to pass a video call. Opt for a Netflix party, where you watch the same movie together and can comment on your fave bits, the cute actors, or laugh together at the gags. This is ideal if you’re a bit nervous about keeping conversation flowing.

A lot of friend groups are opting to do quizzes on video chat. You could do one about your mutually favourite tv show. Quiz him on his Brookyln 99 knowledge or her memory of Love is Blind contestants, you can even use one of our quizzes to get you started.

Or you could plan a ‘get to know each other quiz’ where you each ask questions about yourselfs, your likes, dislikes and fun facts. Simple things like ‘what colour are my eyes?’, ‘when is my birthday’, and ‘how many siblings do I have’ can be a fun way to keep conversation going while learning loads about one another.


House Party and other video apps have built in games, like a Pictionary and Heads-up, it’ll get your competitive side going, and you can have some flirty banter, and before you know it, you’ll forget about feeling nervous.

Dinner date

If your ideal date is a trip to Nandos or your favourite Italian, why not opt for a dinner date. This could be best for the seond date, after you know you’re comfortable enough with each other to last a whole meal. Decide on what food you’re going to have and at what time, and meet on Zoom to dine together like a regular fancy restaurant date night.

Top Tips

Acknowledge awkwardness – you’re both feeling it, so joking about it could break the ice.

Look your best. If you’re feeling pretty, you’ll be much for confident. So whether it’s makeup, a nice outfit or just your best smile, do whatever makes you feel good so you can be your best self.

Have notes if needed. The best thing about being on a virtual date is that they can only see as far as the camera allows, this means that you can keep some post-its to the side with some conversation starters.

Conversation ideas:

‘Watching anything good on Netflix during all of this?’

‘How’s life cooped up with your family, are you all getting on?’

‘Do you have any pets to keep you entertained?’

‘What do you think about Junior cert/Leaving cert/School changes’

The best thing you can do is just relax and have fun, if he or she agreed to a zoom date, they’re into you too, so just enjoy it!